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Your own online store is not the only place where you can advertize and sell your products. Various online marketplaces such as Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay,, etc. allow online merchants advertize their products to potential customers from all over the world. Magento users are now able to export their product feed files to different shopping engines using GoMage Feed Pro - Feed Manager for Magento. This extension is able to create and export product feeds in CSV, TXT or XML formats using templates provided by the shopping systems. Flexible filter configurations allow you select which products or categories should be exported. You can schedule automatic feed generation and its upload through FTP/SFTP/SSH to the specified shopping system at a certain time of day or night. There are no limits for the number of feeds you can create and the number of products you can export is only limited by your server capabilities. Dynamic attributes option allows you configure specific conditions and thus control the export of products with particular attributes. Open source code of the extension ensures perfect flexibility of modifying the functionality and design if you are a skilled web developer.

Learn more details about GoMage Feed Pro: Magento Feed Manager at

The extension is fully compatible with the newest Magento versions CE 1.9 and EE 1.14.

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