If your ecommerce site has paginated content - avoid duplicate issues between product pages in several ways.

1. Rel=canonical to the view-all page.
If your store offers a few products of the category, it's more preferable to show the whole category on a single page. Yet this function is disabled in Magento by default, so you can enable it in System -> Configuration -> Catalog -> Frontend -> Allow All Products per Page.

Add rel=canonical link to the component pages to tell Google that the View All page is the one you want to appear in search results.

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2. Pagination with rel=next and rel=prev (+ rel= canonical)
In case you sell a large number of products of the category, add rel=next to page one, then rel=prev and rel=next to page two all the way to the last page which only includes rel=prev.

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Or you can use pagination with rel=next and rel=prev + rel= canonical

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