Holiday season is a real challenge for merchants. While people choose presents for their dearest and nearest, search for the hottest deals sipping their day-off coffee, spend time anywhere but work, retailers sweat day and night.

Eventually, improving online holiday sales consist of two parts. First of all, a lot of people are not ready to do shopping on holidays, because they’re resting from work and everyday routine. And that may influence your sales a lot

Secondly, the online retail world is going crazy with deals, coupons and discounts. And let’s be honest: if you do nothing, you’ll lose so many clients you can’t even imagine. At these insane times virtually everybody offers bargains, and JUST nice prices, JUST a cute layout and SOMEWHAT okay navigation JUST won’t work.That is why we created this guide : 2015 Holiday Marketing Full Guide by following it, you can prepare your Magento store for the holiday season and make it a success.
able of contents:


Check your last year holiday keywords
Utilize Google Trends
Keyword research
Work on internal linking
Create and optimize in advance


review your ads
Raise average check
Use new keywords for PPC
Utilize immediate remarketing


Live chat
Extend hours/Hire people
Loyalty program
Full substitute for out of stock items
Create holiday categories/bundles in advance
Gift cards
Gift wrapping/personal cards
Stocking stuffers
Consider free shipping
Time wise popups
Blog content
Line up with suppliers
Past year popular items
Stop A/B testing


Sale in a sale
Create urgency in advance
N days sale registration
Extend your sale once more

MORE DETAILS: 2015 Holiday Marketing : Full Guide

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