How can you help yourself to choose an effective extension among a huge number of tools the market offers?

Here is 5 tips to help you make the right decision.

1. The product must be approved by Magento. It’s very easy to check whether the extension is reliable or not - just visit Magento Connect and find it there on the list. If Magento hasn’t approved the extension, it’s better to avoid getting it.
2. Read reviews and forums. Usually, lots of developers approve only positive reviews of their software and delete all negative feedback. But the reviews on Magento Connect, on the niche forum will give you an objective, unbiased view of the product.
3. Check the Change Log. If the extension is not updated on a regular basis, most likely it's buggy and not adjusted to the latest version of Magento.
Please also note, that if the extension doesn't have a change log, it may be copied, stolen and being illegally sold under a different brand.
4. Research the info about the developer. Google the name of the product and see what you get back. If there are some warnings about the company, more likely you will find them. Also, pay the attention to the comments the company's support service gets. If you find that it is slow or ineffective, hold back your purchase.
5. After these steps you are almost ready to download and install the extension you chose, but there is a little last thing you should do before that! Make a backup, if it’s possible. By doing that you could really save your time and money!

Do you have any other criteria of evaluating extensions before purchasing? Please share them in the comments below.

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