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What is Megaventory? What can it do for my business?

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    Default What is Megaventory? What can it do for my business?

    Megaventory is online software that helps small businesses that buy, sell and manufacture physical products to manage their sales, purchasing, manufacturing and inventory by providing a clean and simple interface to log all the supply chain operations involved. It offers a Magento Extension that allows you to have your e-commerce business in full sync with it. Its Manufacturing module ties very well with the Magento bundle products.

    List of features:


    • Multiple Franchise Stores
    • Multiple Users
    • User Permissions per Store
    • Stock Alert Levels per StoreΩ
    • Manufacturing Module per Store
    • Returns of Goods from Clients
    • Returns of Goods to Suppliers
    • Main Warehouse Availability
    • Full Data Import/Export per Store


    • Manage Sales Orders per Store
    • Create Purchase Orders to re-supply
    • Creates Quotes for Clients per Store
    • Multiple Currencies
    • Partial Shipping of Sales Orders
    • Partial Receipt of Purchase Orders


    • In/Out Movements per Store
    • Availability per Store
    • Gross Profit per Store per Client
    • Inventory Value per Store
    • Fully Customizable per User
    • Business Intelligence ready
    • Drilldown Data Capable


    • Create Bill of Materials
    • Allocate Components to Work Orders
    • Return of Defective Components
    • Full/Partial Receipt of Finished Goods
    • Track Work in Process Cost
    • Assign Labor Costs per Work Order
    • Work Order Cancellations
    • Work Order Printouts

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    An Intuitive Inventory Management System

    Effective inventory management is must if you want to make your business venture successful and generate good revenue. MageMob Inventory is a perfect Magento 2 Inventory Management System that offers you with all the control you need over your store inventory. Make the most out of this Magento 2 Inventory Management extension rendered by AppJetty and behold your business achieve great success!

    Why Should You Use MageMob Inventory?

    Manage Inventory

    Our Magento 2 based stock control system helps you manage stocks, orders, suppliers, warehouses, etc. These features are not available in the default Magento system.

    Easy Configuration

    The extension is simple to configure and use. All you need to do is install it, configure and start using!

    Efficient Supply Chain

    Magento 2 Advanced Inventory Management software makes your ecommerce supply chain more efficient by helping you to manage and keep track of stocks, warehouses, suppliers, orders, etc.

    MageMob Inventory – Feature Highlights

    Keep updated with product stock information

    Using Magento 2 Stock Control System, Admin can view all the products’ current stock along with product images and also enable / disable the product as per the requirement.

    Name:  1_1.feature.png
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    Handle store warehouses

    The system enables admin to find the list of all warehouses associated with the store. Thereafter, they can filter warehouses by their names. It is also possible to create a new warehouse, search and edit warehouses of the store through our Magento 2 Multi Warehouse Management extension.

    Name:  2_1.feature.png
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    Add a new supplier

    Admin can add a new supplier for the store by adding details like Name, Address, Shipping & Payment Methods as well as related products.

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    Generate purchase orders

    Make it easy to generate Purchase Orders for pending products and orders by adding Supplier, Unit Cost and Required Quantity details. You can also choose the warehouse while creating a purchase order.

    Name:  4_1.feature.png
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    Keep Track of Inventory and Updated Stock Data

    View a complete list of Sales Orders along with a complete log of each sales order and related inventory / stock with Magento 2 Inventory Tracking.

    Name:  5.1.feature.png
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