Deferring JavaScript on Magento sites is such a vital part of Magento speed optimization that it deserves a page of its own to explain how the process works and to show you just how beneficial this process will be for you and your customers.

Lots of JavaScript code is used in sales pages, as so much data is required to make them load. What is known as the parsing of JavaScript, when a computer analyses all the different parts of the JavaScript to form a web page, begins to take place as soon as the page starts to appear. The problem is that parsing of JavaScript takes time, which has the knock on effect of significantly slowing down the page loading process. That is why so many eCommerce pages take so long to load, because the computer is busy processing the JavaScript.

What deferring JavaScript does is to make your pages load quicker by waiting until the page is loaded before the parsing of JavaScript is implemented. This has no effect on the performance or usability of your web page, it merely rearranges the loading process so that JavaScript is deferred until the last possible moment - the outcome of this process is that your page appears much quicker.

You will see that these pages load incredibly quickly compared to many other Magento sites. Our Magento defer JavaScript implementation service combines with all the other elements of our speed optimization process to make this possible.

Dont forget, deferring JavaScript implementation is a complimentary part of Magento speed optimization. So once you have signed up for that service, deferring JavaScript wont cost you a penny more!

If you would like us to defer JavaScript implementation on your Magento site then simply sign up for our Magento speed optimization service. If you have any questions about the process please contact us

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