i would so much appreciate any help is provided.i recently started my magento website. i have an account with stripe and want to integrate stripe with magento.
i have tried all the magento extentions. only found 3-4 that were free and non of them worked.i tried to find a solution on youtube found a video in which he shows to use inchoo extention.but i could not find inchoo stripe extension in magento eccommerce.
i tried to see stripe website to uderstand how do i integrate it with magento. they do provide you a code to place in checkout. but i dont know where do i find the checkout page in my hostgator server and in which file do i upload that checkout code in my file manager in hostgator.
i am really confused and i really need it get done. please guys this is my first thread here i need you suggestions and support.
i am looking forward that someone of you could solve my problem.
thank you.

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