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Issues related to a Magento Contact form

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    Default Issues related to a Magento Contact form

    We are having an issue in a Magento websites contact form. When someone fills in the form (Client) on the website (Person A), the form gets submitted & a confirmation thank you message appears on the website thank you page. In the websites owners email ID (Let's say Person-B, the supplier) a thank you message is received stating "Thank you for contacting us, we will get back to you soon" instead of the actual message from the sender.

    The client does not receive any message to their email at all.

    The, thank you for contacting us message must be sent to Person-A's email (Client) & the details filled by the Person A on website (Client) must be sent to the Person-B's email ID (Supplier).

    Can anyone suggest why this issue is happening?

    Thank you.

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    Let 's use the third party magento extension, don't use magento system contact form. You can check this free magento extension

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