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Changing categories design

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    Default Changing categories design

    Hi guys,

    Recently I have bought a good template and deals extension for my site.

    However, I'm a bit stuck with changing categories design to desired one. Guys who developed this template and extension are a bit sneaky about it and want to take it as an extra paid service only. Still, I believe there's a free and easy way to make this.

    I have this page generated by their extension:

    Basically it works like a category (but can't be added in categories list in navigation menu) and represents products (deals in my case) that are published.

    Here is one of my categories, which looks a bit odd compared to the first link:

    Can I basically transfer the view how products look from the first link and apply it to my categories? What should be changed. I believe if this page excists, then theres an active xml and category has active xml, so should I just copy some parts of code from one xml file to another?

    Would really appreciate your reply.


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    oh, this is so good, I like, thank you


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