I will link to three screenshots for issues I am having.

Question #1

I want to take all the UPC codes in the Manage Products > Product General Tab > UPC "XXXX" and put it into the store on the right without manually copying and pasting every single UPC number code, is this a possibility? http://i.imgur.com/NeFNVck.jpg

Question #2

We have all these images and they're all randomly named in Store #1 (Screenshot left) and is there a way I can export the entire database of images and automate every assigned image into store #2 (screenshot right)? I uploaded that image manually by selecting screenshot left > save image > reupload to screenshot right. And that's very time consuming for 1500+ products. http://i.imgur.com/oR3Z1bM.jpg

Question #3

Is there a way to export categories that are only checked from screenshot left to screenshot right without going one by one? Example attached. http://i.imgur.com/i6R3EI6.jpg

Question #4

Is there a way to change all the products to "taxable goods"? A universal switch instead of going in to each individual and choosing from the dropdown? http://i.imgur.com/FNx9B7V.jpg

There has to be a way to export from website left to website right for these options on the site.

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