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One Page Checkout Modules Battle

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    Default One Page Checkout Modules Battle

    If you are a Magento beginner and your experience of Magento use is significantly low, this is not surprising that you will be taken aback with the majority of the Magento features and the wide range of the extensions which will help you to improve the Magento functional.
    The most important thing you should pay attention to is your checkout page. People do not like to spend their time on a long checkout process. So, you should reduce the waste of time to minimum on Magento checkout page. It will take you much time and efforts to improve it manually by yourself taking into account that you are a beginner and cant develop an excellent Magento code, so you need a quick decision.
    One of these decisions is the purchase of highly developed One Step Checkout Extension which will provide you with all the features you need to add to your standard Magento checkout page.

    But now you are running into another problem: how to choose the most appropriate Magento Checkout extension with a rich range of the features and reasonable price.

    Let us review some moments you should pay attention to while choosing One Step Checkout Extension.
    First of all, what One Page Checkout extension means. It means that all the information such as billing address, shipping and payment method will all fit together on the same page and customers will be able to fill all the necessary order fields in just one step. Why not change Magento standard 6 checkout steps to just 1 convenient?
    So, let us review the necessary features of Magento Checkout extension you need to take into account:

    Address Fields
    Modern checkout Magento extensions should allow disabling or enabling native Magento address fields, sorting and adding them. So, you can decide whether you will give the option to store more than one billing/shipping address.

    Payment Method
    Magento Checkout extensions should support all the payment methods your Magento store have free shipping, flat shipping, delivery dates - and also the most popular ones. You should be able to enable the payment method in your Magento and it will be displayed in One Page Checkout extension too.

    Coupon Code Field
    Shopping Cart Rules are usually used by Magento merchants and they are linked with coupon codes. Your checkout extension should support coupon codes too.

    Additional Features
    Gift Wrapping, polls or GeoIP are additional features that are desirable by Magento customers. They will increase your Magento store popularity and the result will be good sales. If you want to get to know more about these additional features, you can contact GoMage specialists who can suggest doing any customization as to them.

    But what is the most important thing in the article? The fact is that GoMage LightCheckout extension has already had all the mentioned features and even more. In order to read about the entire LightCheckout extension functional, please use the link and have a chance to purchase the perfect checkout extension by the reasonable price with the rich functional features.

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    If you want to make the checkout process for your customers hassle free and thinking about implementing one step checkout process, then the Onestep Checkout extension is the perfect solution.

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    Great extensions! Checkout this One Step Checkout too. Easy and rapid checkout process for Magento. It decreases the chance to lose your product sales by providing an easy checkout service to the customers.

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    Great solution! I also want to add one extension which im using, It is a very nice extension with outstanding features and attractive price. Why don't you try now?

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    Nice list you've got there, I am sure they would be useful in improving efficiency for Magento sites.
    What I see missing in the list though is an extension for improving conversions through personalized product discovery.

    One step checkout

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    Magento 2 One Step Checkout is available now!

    - Combine two sections Shipping address and Payment & Reviews into one page only with all information displayed

    Name:  magento_2_one_step_checkout_1.png
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    - Use Geo IP to detect customer location and pre-fill their countries and cities

    - Autocomplete customer addresses with Google API when they just type some letters

    - Auto-update related information when there are any changes: update shipping methods and billing address when changing shipping address or update order summary when changing shipping methods

    - Allow customers to select their most suitable delivery dates and time and also leave their own comment for delivery or orders

    - Be compatible with multiple popular payment methods

    - Add more fields into the checkout page: discount code box, gift message option and newsletter subscription

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    Smart One Step Checkout For Magento 2
    -Allow customers to checkout in one step, automate all their actions, analyze the checkout performance, improve and increase conversions.

    How it works

    One Step Checkout Magento 2 extension introduces the adjustable and performance optimized Magento 2 checkout page, which significantly speeds up the checkout process. The provided checkout page is highly configurable, adjustable to custom themes, and suitable for any device.

    Customers can apply gift cards, reward points, store credits, coupon codes, and edit items in their carts directly on the checkout page. The provided one page checkout has little to no distraction elements and features, and the “‘Place Order” button always visible as a call to action.

    Store owners can define default values for fields, autodetect countries by customer IPs, take advantage of the automated address suggestions. The built-in reports show the process bottlenecks to be removed and the number of abandoned checkouts to be reduced

    Increase checkout conversion in four steps

    STEP 1

    Configure as you need:

    Magento 2 One Page Checkout automatically adjusts to your store theme. All you have to do is minimize checkout time by configuring the extension.

    Add relevant or remove excessive fields;
    Define the order of the displayed fields;
    Set default field values;
    Enable and configure delivery date and timing fields;
    Enable 'the Add note' field;
    Upload the payment method security protocol badges.
    Enable the GeoIP country detection.
    Enable address suggestions.

    STEP 2

    Go live with the improved checkout:

    Take advantage of the set of key features speeding up the checkout process.

    Form autocomplete;
    Identification of logged out customers by email;
    Auto fill-in for logged customers;
    Remove/edit items in the cart;
    No distracting elements;
    'Place order' button always at hand.
    Additional payment options, incl. gift card codes, store credits, and reward points.

    STEP 3

    Analyze performance:

    With the help of the built-in reports, find out the checkout fields that make customer stuck.

    Checkout conversion and abandonment rates;
    Total abandoned checkout and placed order revenues;
    Report on checkout field completition.

    STEP 4

    Improve checkout conversion rates

    Make data-driven decisions on how to improve the checkout process in your store with the set of built-in reports and decide on the field composition.

    Which fields should be removed or added;
    How custom fields influence the checkout conversion;
    What shipping or payment methods are least demanded;
    Whether to adjust field positions and default values

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