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Add Custom Fields on User Signup Form

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    Default Add Custom Fields on User Signup Form

    You can now add Custom Registration Fields easily on user signup form. Here are the following types of registration fields that you can add,

    - File, Image, Text Field, Text Area, Date, Message Only, Drop Down, Multiple Select, Yes/No, Radio and check box fields

    These fields may service multiple purposes like obtaining additional information from customers, their preferences, different choices, survey etc.

    You can set the default settings of these fields, hide them, make them mandatory, set the position and label, and assign to specif customer groups. Please check out the DEMO here.

    For more details about Advance Customer Registration Form Fields Magento Extension, please visit the product page of website.

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    Adding custom fields on users' signup forum will help you collect more data from your customer. Customer data plays a key role to increase your online sales.

    So, you can use Customer Attributes Magento 2 Extension. This extension allows adding additional fields for users to add their data like email addresses, contact info, etc.

    With the help of this extension, the store owner can create additional fields on the customer account register page, customer account edit page and admin manage customers grid.

    Highlighted Features:
    • Manage All Customer Attributes
    • Fully Responsive
    • Enable/Disable From Backend
    • Create Unlimited Additional Fields
    • Multiple Options For Attribute Display
    • Set Input Validation For Attributes
    • Default Value For The Attributes
    • Attribute Information On The Grid

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