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Simi Mobile Site Theme - FREE Magento Mobile Theme

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    Default Simi Mobile Site Theme - FREE Magento Mobile Theme

    Hey guys,
    Magestore has released a new Magento Mobile Theme named Simi Mobile Site Theme.
    Mobile site theme is the easiest and fastest solution to drive your website into a mobile optimized site that can be accessed via any mobile web browsers.
    Now let's see what is special in this theme:

    How It works?
    Whenever customers enter your store from a mobile web browser, their mobile devices will be detected by mobile site theme. Immediately, they will be directed to mobile site. And Simi Theme will help you to create a mobile site like that.

    Why Simi Mobile site theme?
    Well, it’s FREE! But more than this, it has something else to offer:

    For admin
    • Easy to install and configure: just follow this guide
    • Able to configure show mobile site on which devices and mobile browsers.
    • No need to maintain separate domain ( all in one domain)
    • Reduce website loading by 40%
    • Local search friendly: have better higher rank than website
    • Compatible with Magento Community 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 and 1.9
    • Integrate with SimiCart (Recommended for Promote app features)

    For your Customers
    • Enter mobile site from any devices and mobile browsers.
    • Enter website on mobile without delay
    • Experience better mobile shopping with mobile optimized UI and UX

    Mobile site theme only is enough?
    Surely mobile site is what every store need at first since it's easy to set up and reduce the site loading considerably, unlike responsive theme. However, if you want to increase mobile conversion rate by 100-300%, you have to resort to a different solution- mobile app. To create a Magento Mobile App, SimiCart is recommended

    With SimiCart, you can utilize the mobile interface and experience it brings and more importantly, you can take advantage of some unique features only mobile app has like store locator, push notification and so on. Or you can have better theme, just like that:

    You can also read more about m-commerce or mobile commerce by clicking in the link

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    Build your mobile site NOW before mobile customers ABANDON your website!
    Totally FREE!
    We hold a strong belief that in this digital age, mobile site is such a BASIC feature that every Magento website must have! So does yours!
    Check it out!:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thuong Tong View Post
    Hmm, I wonder if this is easy to navigate, hmm, but somehow it looks like yes, hmm, let me try it, Got any available reviews/ testimonials about this?

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    There is lot of completition in eCommerce business. So you are unique to others. then why you follow some common themes or free themes.

    I suggest you develop a magento mobile app in scratch, Its only make better your store in market. If you develop magento mobile app in scratch means

    Firstly you will have no problem integrating templates be it new ones or the one created by third party sources.

    Secondly you can have Magento mobile app created to your desire using this solution. Yes it is customizable to any extent and it has the potential to recreate the features you wish to have in your Magento mobile app

    Thirdly it is a native solution and you data will be hosted on cloud. Hence performance wise you will face no trouble and no matter how erratic your traffic influx is, you will never experience a server downtime.

    Be unique using Contus MComm


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