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Advantages of magento over other ecommerce software’s

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    Default Advantages of magento over other ecommerce software’s

    Magento is a feature rich open source ecommerce platform and it offers users with exceptional flexibility, content control and functionality of their online ecommerce store. The biggest advantage is that magento can be downloaded for free and magento has great features like powerful marketing, merchandising and content management. Also magento offers many premium extensions that fits any kind of situation or occasions.

    Other than that: -

    Magento offers in-built SEO features that modify page elements in order to rank in search engines.
    Magento allows easy incorporation of google services like google analytics, google checkout etc.
    Asides from that magento supports PayPal express, standard and website payments pro and other mode of payments.
    Magento is directly linked to webserviceX allowing price of your items to change with the fluctuating exchange rate.
    Magento is the fastest growing options of extensions.
    Gives you many features such as lot of cloud based carts, including marketing options like coupons.
    Magento is perfectly customizable.
    Supports more than one store out of box.
    Active forum.

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    Yeah true. Magento offers many advantages to the users when compared to other platforms.

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