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Add Descritions to Attribute and Custom Option of the Products

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    Default Add Descritions to Attribute and Custom Option of the Products

    Attribute and Custom Option Information Infobar

    This extension was designed keeping in mind the need for customers to get instant information about a product or a feature when they see it on an online store. This extension helps display the attribute description of the product when a person hovers over it in the form of a pop-up. There is an info icon next to the product that indicates that further information about the product is available. When the visitor hovers over the icon, the information pops up in the form of a tool tip. This helps users save time and efforts by getting all the information in one place. At the same time, it also helps keep the design clean and utilize space effectively as the descriptions become visible and available to the user when he needs it.

    On the front-end

    • The tool tips added against each product can be managed by the website owner from the backend itself.
    • The tooltips can be included in the ‘attributes titles’.
    • Tooltips can be added to Custom Options Titles.
    • The static description can be added to the Attributes and Custom Options titles. The description will not show up in the order summary, invoices, shopping cart, etc.
    • The content in the tooltip can be copied easily. Also, clickable links can be added in the tooltip content.

    On the back-end
    • The content of the tooltip description can be edited from the backend with the help of the WYSIWYG editor.
    • Different descriptions can be added for different store views.
    • Attribute descriptions can be added for configurable products.
    • The tooltip can appear on hovering the mouse over the icon.

    View Extension Here:

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