I have set up Paypal Payments Standard in Magento 1.8.0 but i am always getting Suspected Fraud status for each transaction/payment i make. This is quite frustrating since i don't get this error while in Sandbox Mode and i have to do real transactions to test this behavior.

In Magento Paypal configuration i have
Payment Action: Sale
Transfer Cart Line Items: No
Enable SSL verification: No
I have also installed this extension https://github.com/magento-hackathon/PaypalRoundBugfix and disabled Transfer Cart Line Items to avoid differences between the prices sent from Magento and calculated by Paypal. Infact the amounts are exactly the same. I have also tried with the above configurations set to yes and without that extension installed, but with no luck.

In Magento if i go to the Order detail under the Payment Information tab i have
Payer Status: verified
Payer Address Status: unconfirmed
While in the Comments History there is written
Suspected Fraud
Customer Notification Not Applicable 
IPN "Completed". Order is suspended as its capture amount € 2,22 is suspected to be fraudulent. Transaction ID: "9FN02..........".
While in the Transaction detail, the transaction data is
Transaction ID: 9FN02..........
Parent Transaction ID: N/A
Order ID: 200000021
Transaction Type: capture
Is Closed: No
What could be the problem?

At the moment i am on a test environment so the website has SSL but it is still not verified since there is no domain pointing to the server yet (this is the reason why i disabled SSL verification for the moment). DNS change will be done before going live. In Paypal everything is set as its default values/settings, no fees or shipping costs are defined. I am using Magento for tax calculation, no extensions.

Please i really hope someone can help me out, i have been trying for the last days but found no solution. Thanks

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