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Increase your sales now with Magento product questions extension

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    Talking Increase your sales now with Magento product questions extension

    Hot news today : We have launched Magento product questions extension with updated features

    Having this Magento extensions will help you :

    Increase Customer Satisfaction

    Customers and guests can ask questions directly on product pages and get answered right here : it help increases the overall customer satisfaction with your store and service and may lead to sales and increase ease of shopping for your customers.

    Admin’s help

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    Customers and guest can add answer and rate all the answers for questions:

    Help you understand your customers better and let your customers share their experience and knowledge. They can mark them as being helpful, not helpful or inappropriate.

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    Admin can approve or decline questions and answers
    Admin can set a question to be private or public
    Admin can create answers and questions in admin panel
    Admin can create topics
    Admin can assign the questions to a topic
    Admin can assign the questions to other products
    Admin can set who can add questions (registered or guest)
    Admin can set who can rate questions (registered or guest)
    Allow you to place FAQs block anywhere you want on your website

    Improve SEO

    Having this Magento extension will help you improve the search engine rankings of your product pages based on the highly relevant content that is generated by magento question and answer extension on the specific product pages .

    Easy to install and use

    Its designed with the native Magento store interface and allows you to be up and running within minutes. Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy and paste to use , friendly and flexible configuration.

    Magento product questions extension

    Ability to show all topics and questions, answers on the FAQs page

    SEO friendly

    Ability to sort the questions by Latest, Score, Order
    Ability to search the questions and answers on FAQs page
    Allow you to enable or disable Captcha to prevent spam messages
    Easy to install, easy to upgrade, just copy and paste to use
    HTML/ CSS and W3C validation
    Friendly and flexible configuration
    Cross-browsers compatibility
    Full and well-organized document for installation and user manual

    Customers and guests can see and find suitable questions and answers on product pages for the similar issues they are in need of advice : Help create customer generated content related to your products

    Customers can set questions to be private or public : Support private questions for registered customers and allow other customers to answer questions and clarify them

    Customers and guests can find and see all questions and answers related to the products on FAQs pages : Your product pages are well-organized and convenient to read
    Let Go Here for more details :

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    1. Reduce abandonment cart rate: I suggest One step checkout
    2. Keep loyalty customer: I vote for Reward Points

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    I think below mentioned Magento Extensions will also help to Improve your Sales Exceptionally..

    1) Product Bundled Discount

    2) Price Per Customer

    3) Wholesale Packaged Products

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    Yeah, it’s really helping your customers to provide them answers right on product page. Now you can also make different categories of questions and answers and also can display accordingly by using Magento questions extension.

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    Hi! Thanks for sharing!

    The powerful Product QA extension is a guaranteed method that helps to make a quick purchase decision and build beneficial relationships with clients.
    Product Questions & Answers for Magento 2

    • Questions asked by both admin and customers
    • Answers replied by both admin and customers
    • Ability for visitors to ask questions and reply
    • Admin has full control over editing Q/A
    • Ability to subscribe to a question and receive answers by email
    • Sorting and searching, great modern sliding effects
    • Q/A tab is built in product pages
    • Responsive design for tablets and mobile devices

    If you are running a store based on Magento, you can try this Product Questions & Answers extension for Magento:

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    Hello! Thanks for sharing.

    Check out one more amazing QA extension here: FAQ Manager - Magento 2 Extension

    Customers are always keen to know more about any product they would like to purchase. So, they want to ask questions to the online entrepreneur regarding any query they have in their mind. In this situation, FAQ Manager - Magento 2 extension plays a crucial role to help customers understand your brand more elaborately. It acts as medium of easy communication between the eCommerce site owners and their customers.

    Key Features:
    Video FAQ
    Display tags
    Better Communication

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    I also highly recommend you to take a look at this list of 5 Free Magento 2 Extensions that would assist your Magento store in reaching world-beating conversion rate.

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    Thank for sharing !
    One Step Checkout for Magento 2 help speed up the whole shopping process and significantly enhance customer satisfaction. Use GeoIP to help visitors fill address fields easy and let them easily edit product options right on the checkout.

    1. You can customize checkout page design
    2. Allow customers edit product options on the checkout
    3. Set default preselected values for particular checkout fields as shipping or payment method, ...
    4. Use GeoIP detection and Google Address suggestions
    5. Display delivery date and time options
    6. Login on the Checkout page or Create an Account after the order was successful
    More detail at:
    Thanks !

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