Welcome to Mage Club, our beloved e-commerce business owners! Hope that you have read the article about Mage Club overview and find it interesting somehow. Today, I’m very glad to show you a better look at what Mage Club contains, 24 Magento Themes and 25 Magento Extensions available and monthly updated!

Magento Themes Club
Nowadays, people’s living standards have been increased rapidly, extending many new demands for goods and services. As a result, an increasing number of e-commerce website themes are needed for different types of business. Being well known of these demands, Mage Club brings you 24 Magento Themes, which beautifully fit in with several business types from luxury products such as furniture, fashion and cosmetics to normal ones like food, books and gardening tools; even services such as printing, gifting or different business size from Enterprise, E-commerce Giant, Web Agency to Private Shop.

Now, let’s have a brief look on some outstanding examples!

Magento Fashion Theme

A huge and fancy slideshow bar displaying hottest fashion items and campaigns settled right on the Homepage will definitely impress your customers, engaging them with the fashion love immediately.

Magento Homewares Theme

Designed with mono colors, this theme is supposed to highlight every beautiful aspect of your products. The simplicity of web layout and how smoothly it operates express the elegant of your furniture store - the style that every customer wants their house to be.

Magento Garden Theme

What a cute and lovely garden! What a beautiful and peaceful curtilage! That would definitely be what your customers will speak out when entering this garden website. A so-amusing green spreads out in front of your eyes, followed by tons of useful gardening tools and pretty decorators that you just can’t help desiring.

Magento Printing Website Theme

With service websites, the theme will be designed with clean organization and clear instruction so that customers can use the services right away without any doubts or hesitate.

Magento Extensions
In terms of Extension, Mage Club provides you with the latest Extensions compatible with every Magento version. It’s also easy to be seen that its Extensions focus on making your e-commerce website more interesting by adding multimedia, and turning online shopping into a fun and convenience habit in the way like saving searching time, using cart, quickly previewing in stead of loading a new page or one page check out.

Magento Ajax Search Autocomplete and Suggest

Only after typing 3 characters, a drop down list of relevant result will appear under your searching bar. Sounds quick and convenience right?

Magento Quick View

By displaying a small preview window, customers can see the product images and all other specific details then can come back immediately to the shopping track before.

Magento Mega Menu Extension

You have too many products categories to organize and display? You want to bring a new vibe to your page? Magento Mega Menu Extension is what you need. You are free to customize your menu and even able to add other media type on it like pictures, videos and links.

Magento One Step Check Out Extension

Purchasing process has never been so quick like that with Magento One Step Check Out Extension. It removes unnecessary steps of the default Magento Checkout. Extension allows customers to check out only with one step instead of 6 steps before. As a result, they can save much time to do other things. Besides, the customers have a good checkout experience for customers and greatly increase your sales

After a quick tour, I hope that all of you will have a better understanding about products on Mage Club and how it perfectly benefits you anyway. Let’s join Mage Club now to discover one of the most popular Magento Themes and Extensions Collection in the world

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