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2 feasible solutions for URL Rewriting in Magento

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    Lightbulb 2 feasible solutions for URL Rewriting in Magento

    It is critically important for all the websites to have URLs friendly to serve SEO purpose. However it is not always easy for us to create those in Magento especially when you install a module. How can we tackle this problem as of a non-technical user? We provide 2 feasible solutions for URL Rewriting in Magento and create appropriate URLs as you want. You see it will not a big issue any longer.

    Before we approach to the 2 solutions, we are showing an example to describe how a default URL is created and prerequisite knowledge to hatch some repairing. Eg. We created a module for Blog named Blog and its namespace is MGS with simple fields as

    id / title / description
    In the back-end, when we create a post we need to insert two fields, ie. Title and Description. ID of the post will be auto-generated. In order to display post details of the Blog we rely on router (declared in file config.xml, we declared blog), controller (we named index, so it will be file IndexControler.php in folder controllers), action (we called view, viewAction function in file IndexControler.php) and id of the post.

    So, default URL of the post at front-end will look like this: (1 is ID of the post)

    As far as we can see this URL is totally not good for SEO, it should be rewritten to turn into a URL friendly. Back to the main objective, we proposed 2 methods to create URL friendly. And in either ways you will need to define URL you want or you will follow a common rule to create the URL (usually we will use the title of the post, convert all characters into normal style, replace empty space with -, eg. Title “How to rewrite url in Magento” will become “how-to-rewrite-url-in-magento.

    In this article we will use URL definition approach, therefore, we will add one more field to the above database to save the URL.

    id / title / description / url
    So, URL of the post will be filled out.

    First technique to rewrite URL

    Use URL rewrite function of Magento, you can get more details at Catalog-> URL Rewrite Management.

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    There you will find out Magento creates a module to save URL rewrite for the Category and Product. Magento also allows you to add URL rewrite by clicking “Add Url Rewrite” to add a custome URL rewrite with:

    Target Path: be the URL of the post, eg. blog/index/view/id/1

    Request Path: be URL rewrite you will insert, eg. how-to-rewrite-url-in-magento.html

    Obviously we will not manually add this information to save URL rewrite. Instead we will utilize url_rewrite model of core module (Mage::getModel(‘core/url_rewrite’)) to save URL of Blog in core_url_rewrite table after saving blog data.

    After you have saved a post in Blog, you use the following code to save the URL rewrite:

    Click to read full lession : URL Rewriting in Magento

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    This excellent website never used to do this in the past.
    In any case, stunning post!

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    At the moment I am following this article to test these recommendation provided by you.Thank you the article

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