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Outsourcing magento development work

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    Default Outsourcing magento development work

    Obviously outsourcing has its up front financial advantages which is generally why many companies do not look for anything locally. The main question is what are you as a company really saving as if timelines gets pushed back, work is sloppy, requirements not built as per the specification, or even if you spend much of your time trying to keep the project from derailing, then might be not a lot that you are saving.

    So before you decide to outsource your work here is a quick checklist that you should consider:

    Are you a good communicator? You would have to be extremely detailed and brief in building your requirements be it a group in india, Pakistan, china or any other cheap market.

    Do you have the time to act as the project manager? Do not simply expect to hand off the project and look for the return magically after a couple of weeks. Always be ready for communication with the team that you have outsourced the work via skype or any other medium. Get a complete update of updates even if the updates are very small.

    Always find out the exact working potential of the service provider: As all you hear from every service provider is yes we can do that no matter what question you ask. They are hungry for work and there is nothing wrong in it if they showcase that they can do everything and anything, but there are many requests that simply can’t garner a clear yes.

    Does the work seems to be too cheap or does the timeline seem to be too short? If it seems to be true most likely it is and that could speak to half a dozen things in itself.

    Do the service provider company deploys proper coding standards? Things are getting better and better than they were five years back, but still as for coding is concerned there are many ways to code everything properly and ways to shot-cut.

    What initiatives will be taken when things break? Now when you have whole site or module or extension developed what happens when there are any bugs, upgrades, fixes? Will your overseas group that you select around for that?

    More information visit :

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    You can check more Solution partners in Magento Partner page.


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