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Easy Uploader gives you a flexible and efficient way to allow your customers to upload their files to your store. Offering an array of features that you've come to expect from a modern up-to-date file uploader, such as: multiple uploads, large files support, drag & drop, realtime progress indicators and more. Perfect for any company specialising in the sale of printed goods such as business stationery, clothing & promotional items, signage printing and more.

Awesome Features:

  • Upload Multiple Files Simultaneously
    No more waiting for each file to complete. Full asynchronous AJAX support means your customers can upload multiple files at the same time without having to reload the page.
  • Multiple Uploader Runtimes
    HTML5, Flash, Silverlight, and HTML4 supported. The Easy Uploader has an intelligent fallback mechanism that will try to load each runtime in turn until it finds one that successfully initialises.
  • Large Files Support
    Large files automatically get uploaded in smaller chunks then re-assembled on the server, this helps get around any potential PHP post_max_size or upload_max_filesize restrictions that may be imposed by your web hosting provider.
  • Realtime Upload Progress Indicators
    Multiple progress bars give realtime updates of the current status of each upload.
  • Full Backend Integration
    Integrated into the backend is a dedicated Uploads section showing all of the files uploaded and the various attributes associated with them. You can also easily adjust the settings of the Easy Uploader via it's flexible system configuration panel.
  • Multiple Filetypes Support
    Easily configure what filetypes your customer can upload to your store.
  • Upload Permissions
    You can restrict the uploading of files depending on the status of a customer's order. For example, you can allow a customer to upload their files ONLY if their order status is marked as 'Pending'. Additionally, any custom order statuses that you add or remove from your Magento system will automatically be detected by the Easy Uploader.
  • Customisable Frontend
    The appearance of various parts of the Easy Uploader can be customised from the backend admin section without having to dig around in any of the template files (although you can still do that if you prefer working that way).
  • Order Validation
    The Easy Uploader performs server-side order number and e-mail address checking to help ensure that your customer enters the correct details before being permitted to upload their files.
  • Customer's Comments
    Your customers can add their own additional comments before uploading their files.
  • Terms and Conditions Requirement
    You can have an optional Terms and Conditions section appear on the frontend that your customers will be required to accept in order to upload their files. The contents of this section are fully customisable from the backend.
  • Easy Installation
    Easy to install via the Magento Connect Manager.
  • Fully Documented
    Comprehensive PDF User Guide included. Download here.
  • Developer Friendly
    Full source code included with no encrypted files.


Quickstart Demo:

Jump straight in and start uploading some files:

Enter the following into the relevant fields of the Easy Uploader :-

Order Number: 100000012
E-Mail: [email protected]

Quickstart Demo

Admin Demo:

Take a look at the backend of the Easy Uploader and see it's range of configuration options. Additionally, view any files that have been uploaded:

Log in with the following credentials :-

Username: demo
Password: demo123

Admin Demo

Checkout Demo:

Navigate through our Demo Store and see how the Easy Uploader integrates into the checkout process:

Checkout Demo

How To Buy:

Thank you for your interest and we welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have!


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