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Magento seo tips for dummies

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    Default Magento seo tips for dummies

    Magento is a huge ecommerce platform that serves thousands of products all across the world. Magento being an open source and a potential platform filled with feature rich qualities also offers flexibility and a SEO (search engine optimization) functionality that is very much user- friendly.
    Stated below are some basic tips that can assist you in optimizing your online Magento store for better search positioning :-

    The one thing that can boost your website’s search popularity across search engine rankings is optimizing your Magento store’s header. For which: -

    Always use the best keywords in Meta elements including that in title, description & keywords on each page.

    Title description should be unique & specific.

    Never use default title, title suffix, any default description & default keywords.

    For instance to modify or change this just Go to configuration>Design>HTML Head.


    You need to disable the category name to path URL, as it in turn disables any sort of duplicate issue if there.

    For doing that just Go to system>configuration>catalog>search engine optimization and then change “use categories path to no for product URl’s

    Create a unique Meta title, description and a perfect usage of product keywords for your product category.

    Now to do that Go to catalog>manage categories>chose category>general information

    One of the most important work is to create Meta elements for each and every product under categories. Just make sure to include product name & category keywords in the product title and product description.

    For doing that follow this syntax: - Go to catalog>manage categories>chose category>chose products

    The optimization tips as stated above works pretty well almost for all Magento stores. However it’s also advisable to consult a knowledgeable Magento developer before applying these stated changes by your own.

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    There are few more tips for you, follow these SEO tips in your Magento store & make your website better...


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