Cart Enquiry Magento Extension is a powerful extension to send product details as a inquiry to store owner. It saves all the details of cart enquiry in magento backend and can be accessed via magento admin panel. A very popular super module for increasing your store sales upto 20%.

Features of magento cart enquiry extension:

1. Your customers can now add products to their cart and then from cart page i.e. Basket Content page, they can hit a button "Send Inquiry" On the product detail page you can add different attribute options for customers that you require to collect as an inquiry
2. Once they submit the cart inquiry form, customer will receive success message
3. This information will be saved into database, an email will also be sent to the store owner or the email that you had configured in the extension admin
4. Admin can see all the enquiry in the magento admin panel
5. Searching features for enquiry in the admin
6. show more products, even if they are not on stock or available at the moment
7. Get more customers and their contact informations, so that you could inform them
8. All inquires are gathered in special tab under Sales 9. easy installation - oh! most of the time you get free installation service from us
10. Get proper reporting filtering by date, product etc for your cart enquiry. Best Suited for service companies who gives quotation to their customers
11. Cart Enquiry Magento Extension is really a powerful module to increase sales from your magento store **FREE INSTALLATION and FREE SUPPORT on Cart Enquiry SuperMod Magento Extnesion

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