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How to catch customers' eyes right when they see your site

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    Default How to catch customers' eyes right when they see your site

    Magento Quick View help customers view product details through quick view popup without going back and forth product pages. Thus, this core function helps customers buy instantly buy the product, right?

    Some features of this extension

    · Supports all product types
    · Display all product options in the quick view popup.
    · Fast AJAX to make navigation faster.
    · Product preview can include.
    · Insert Block in the popup through block id.
    · Show option of product attributes in the quick view popup.
    · Supports all major browsers.
    · Product image can be zoom
    · All product information is displayed on the Product popup such as product summary, detail, review, add to cart, all product options and blocks,etc .
    · Allow to adjust the width and height of Quickview popup
    · Allow to change the background color, border color, background .opacity and the position of Quickview window
    - Support different class blocks such as: class a, class b, class c, etc.
    · Enable/disable Magento Quick View extensions
    · Enable turn on / off review, add to cart button, footer links, detail product description.
    · Display all products options in a quick view popup
    · Allow to upload another loading icon to replace the default loading icon.
    · Allow to upload "Loading" image.
    · Allow to change the size of product main images and size of product screenshot.
    · Enable zoom image.
    · Allow to configure width/height "Dialog box", "Zoom".
    · Allow to configure color "Color Zoom Opacity" and "background Color Outer".
    · Easily change positions of overlaid images.
    · Centralize the dialog on the screen and custom position.
    Additional features:
    · Allow to add products to Cart and Wishlist from the product popup
    · Supports all types of product.
    · Integrate seamlessly with your current Magento template.
    · Allow to use configuration settings simply & easily.
    · Can get the Add to cart button of your current website template automatically to match Quick view style with your current Magento template.
    · Allow to set custom title for Quick View button
    · Set custom color for the product image on mouse over
    · Configure what information is to be shown on Product popup such as review, short description, Add product to cart
    · Enable to show Quick view on all product grids, product widgets, product blocks not only the product category pages
    · Supports all major browsers
    · No core hacks
    · Work fine with any third-party themes and third-party Magento Extensions
    · Nice designed extension.
    · Support all magento from 1.4.x, 1.5.x, 1.6.x, 1.7.x, 1.8.x
    You can have a quick look of this product at
    Let's check its demo to understand its funtions more. Thank you all

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    Quick View extension for your Magento 2 store is a perfect module to make the purchasing process faster and quicker. It allows customers to see all details information of the products on the category page.

    The Quick View popup window displays the product image, price, configurable options, short description, quantity box, add to cart button, and email links. As it is seen in the above image, with just a single click on the Quick View button, customers can easily get a clear image of the product in detail.

    Try a demo here: Quick View Magento 2 Extension.

    This module is a quick action taker tool for customers. If they like the product, they can directly add the product to the cart and thus it makes the purchasing process easier and faster.

    Name:  quick-view-product-listing.png
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Size:  213.7 KB

    Highlighted Features:
    1. Easy to install and configure
    2. Quickly add products to Cart/Wishlist from popup
    3. Works on desktop and responsive mode
    4. Ability to set custom title for Quick View button
    5. Enable/Disable price, description, sku, rating and links

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