When we overview any magento store we could observe that as of now most of the magento stores have a very normal looking checkout success page. The page shows only one line of message instead of providing full purchase related details.
Something like: - Thank you for your order, your order number is: **34
Foreseeing this we are launching a brilliant module on magento named as Invoice Page SuperMod Magento Extension . This extension gives you a fully customized detailed invoice page that you can show to your customers on your web page.
You can include order number, date, custom massage, ship to address details Bill TO address detail, Shipping method selected, payment method selected, Basket Item summary, printing option etc in the invoice and most importantly you’ll have a powerful and limitless layout control of the page.
A customer is satisfied when he gets what he is looking for and after seeing the full details of their order in front of them in a well designed invoice page he is tend to be the most satisfied customer in your list of loyal customer’s.

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