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Magento Multi Store management by IP based redirection

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    Lightbulb Magento Multi Store management by IP based redirection

    When you run a Magento store, wouldn’t it be brilliant to provide your site visitors with the native language and native currency when they access your stores? With Magento modules many innovative functionalities can be implemented on the website.

    About Magento

    Magento is a feature rich and flexible open source eCommerce platform which is powering more than thousands of online stores in the eCommerce business world. Over 200,000 online store merchants believe that Magento is an ideal platform for all types of online business. Thousands of Magento Modules are developed to meet the business needs of all the merchants. Each module is designed with rich features and functionalities which helps the merchant to run a successful online business.

    Basic features of Magento
    • Magento has many beautiful themes and modules to present a more professional and rich website
    • Supports multiple store functionality
    • Easy to install and use this eCommerce software in websites
    • Customization of core functionality

    As a matter of fact, effective marketing strategy, advertising, promoting, and creating a strong brand presence is what it takes to establish a successful online business. To enhance the success it is important to provide service and understanding to customers from around the world. With the Magento GeoIP extension merchants can have more than one online store in various languages and manage all the stores by using a single admin panel.

    Exclusively for clients across the world

    This Magento Website Switcher is primarily for clients or website visitors viewing your website from any corner of the world. For instance, if a person from Germany has accessed the website or e-store, then this Magento module detects the IP address of the visitor and redirects him or her to the respective website that contains all the content in German. Not only that, but the currency is also set to the specific country to enable stress-free payments. When this extension is installed on the Magento site it provides a clear understanding to the visitor and makes for comfortable browsing.

    Features of Magento GeoIP extension
    • Serves a boon for Multistore Owners
    • Auto detection of user's IP address
    • IP's Location Based redirection by using the Maxmind lookup table as a reference
    • Redirect the users to their Native language store
    • Currency settings can be done both manually and automatically
    • Currency update is handled by using custom GEOIP import services
    • Setting the URL automatically and manually
    • Quick installation
    • User-friendly Interface

    The IP Based website Redirection extension is an ideal choice for e-store owners who desire to enhance their business. With this Magento extension an online store owner can overcome barriers like language and currency. Moreover, all the sites can be handled by a single admin or user to make it all the more easy. By using the same domain a site owner can serve people from different countries.

    Download: Magento IP Based WebSite Redirection Extension

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    Another one extension for multi-sites - GeoIP Store & Currency Switcher plugin for Magento by MagestyApps.
    - Automatically switches language, website, currency and tax rate depending on visitor's country
    - Restricts access for specific IP addresses and/or countries
    - Retrieves customer’s location using MaxMind GeoIP2 database
    - Automatically update the database from MaxMind's official website once a day

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    Nice! Thanks for sharing!

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    Try FME Magento Store view switcher extension which allows you to automatically switch store view based on the location of the incoming visitors. To perform Geo-targeting, create multiple store views and personalize them for specific region or country.
    Using the IP Exception feature, you can white-list specific users by entering their IP addresses in the IP exception list in order to allow them to access your store from the blocked region.

    Key Features
    • Create separate store view for each country/region
    • Detects visitor’s location
    • Enable/Disable auto-store switching
    • Allow Manual store switching
    • Prioritize redirection rules
    • Customize store view theme
    • Multi-store supported

    More Info:

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    For Magento 2, GEO IP Store Switcher extension also helps to improve shopping experience by auto redirect customers to suitable store view base on their IP address. Here are some main features of this extension:

    + Detects customer location based on IP address
    + Redirect customers to suitable store view that is set up by admin
    + Allow users to switch store view or not
    + Allow admin to exclude specific IPs and URLs for not redirecting
    + Restrict search engine crawlers from redirecting
    + Be able to set IP blacklist and country blacklist

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