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Do you own an online bakery or an online doughnut shop? Maybe you have an online wedding cake shop or an online cupcake shop? No matter what kind of business you’re running, if it is sweet, then our Magento Bakery Theme is just for you. When you look at the theme, you will see effects of professional images color schemes on a classic layout.

A number of powerful features of the theme will keep your online shop speedy, light weighted and richly functional. The Dropdown Menu includes all products which are in a logical arrangement that any visitor can find a product quickly.

Slideshow and promotion banners are placed in a conspicuous position. All hot news and promotion banners are showed in an attractive place. Other widgets of Magento Bakery Theme improve your management efficiency on your website

Check the theme out and you won’t regret!


CMSMART is well-known for its dedicated Magento templates, now comes to Magento theme, we also try our best to delivery best features for all our Magento themes. It will takes times before we can develop full theme features for Magento, but from now you still can enjoy our below list of best magento features:

First Magento Theme features – MUST HAVE: Customizable Design
Many magento theme users want to be full control of every element of their website theme, and many magento theme buyers are also magento developers who develop magento website for their clients, so they want to buy a easy customizable theme to adapt any kind of adjustment.
First is color changes with color pickers can be done will almost every element of website, from text, menu, footer, title, toolbar, navigation, price…Second is applying textures for header, footer and for the entire page, upload background image and configure its properties (position, repeating, attachment), change font and font-size, and many many more.
A flexible colors control system which allows to control every pixel of your theme and set completely different color schemes for different categories…it means Unlimited Colors for your themes.

Effective Product Detail Pages
Clean and readable product page – your customers can easily find all important information. Configurable width of the main columns, prominent brand logo (with link to other products), product image (customizable size) with Cloud Zoom and lightbox, tabs smoothly turning into accordion on narrow screens, additional custom tabs and CMS blocks, sliders for related and up-sell products, social bookmarks, customizable product options… In short – adjust product page to suit your needs.
Change size of the product image and thumbnails on product page. You can choose any size and keep aspect ratio of the image (no need to use square images).
Brand logo on product page. Logo can be a link to any page (to category with products from that brand, to search results or to any CMS page). Alternatively brand names (simple text) can be displayed instead of logo images
Cloud Zoom + Lightbox to enlarge product images. Use one of those methods or both at a time
Image gallery – enable/disable gallery mode in the Lightbox
Tabs/accordion – tabs smoothly turns into accordion on lower screen resolutions
“Additional Information” tab for individual product attributes – create and display custom product attributes
2 tabs for custom content – ready to display any static content: info about shipping, returns, sales, promotions or any other general information
Tabbed reviews – show product reviews on product page to improve SEO
Replace Related Products and Up-sell Products blocks with custom content. Replace completely or replace only if the product does not have any related/up-sell products. Or disable those blocks completely with just one click
Product sliders for Up-sell Products and Related Products. Now you can select as much related and up-sell products as you want
Social Media Share for each product
SEO friendly URL support
SEO keyword, meta tag, meta keyword support
Add-to-cart Notification pop up support

With many above outstanding features, if you are really attractive to it, please visit our website:

Live Demo| Magento Bakery Theme

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