If you want to posses updated and comprehensive reports, to track your business activities, Magento Advanced Reports is the best answer. These reports will provide your adequate data and information through tables and charts which are very clear to for you to make analysis.
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·Magento Advanced Report Features
  • Sale report:

This kind of report displays all necessary information for user’s demand including: Number of Orders, Items Ordered , Subtotal , Tax , Shipping , Discounts , Total , Invoiced , Refunded. Moreover, admin can compare these sale data because they are divided into months during chosen time period clearly
  • Sale report by country

This Magento Advanced reports allows you to see the whole picture of where your target customers are located through lively world map.
  • Sale report by hour

Thanks to this advanced report, you can identify exactly the time your domestic and foreign customers often shop online
  • Sale report by days of week

With this report, you are able to know the peak days in a week when your selling is best
  • Sale report by product

Just by few click, you can check sale information of any product during any period of time you want. Based on that, you also can compare sale volume among numerous products
  • Sale report by customer group:

Our Magento Advanced reports allow you to see sales through groups of customer
  • Bestselling product report

This feature shows you information about the products
  • Customer’s log report

Based on this report, you can see how many new account, how many times they order, how many times they review. Now you will have deeper insight about customer buying behaviour
  • Products with Customers

With this advanced reports, you can see how many purchased products, how many customers, total revenue, invoiced and refunded. Thanks to this, you can
easily take an overview of your business status

User’s Benefit

Admin can
Export or import data in CSV and Excel format
Compare and contrast sale data in different period of time directly through a table( number of order, items ordered, shipping, subtotal, tax, total, refunded, invoiced)
Filter sales data for custom dates(report by hour, report by day of week, report by country, report by products, report by customer group)
Filter data for different period of time such as Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month, custom date range, etc
Evaluate information through lively and colorful charts, graphs and tables
Filter reports based on product
Filter graphs based on both time period such as day, week, month and custom (for Sales Report, Product Report and bestseller report and products with customers)
See bestselling products detail through clicking to the link on the bestseller report table

Upgrading and installation is easy
Configuration is easy and flexible
Multiple stores and multiple languages are supported
Full HTML contents are supported
Magento Community 1.6.x- 1.9.x
100% open source
Demo: http://magento-advancedreports.cmsid...standardsales/
User: demo

More details here: http://cmsideas.net/magento-advanced-reports.html

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