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5 reasons why you should use Magento FAQ extension

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    Default 5 reasons why you should use Magento FAQ extension

    1. Magento FAQ page is good for SEO
    If done well, FAQ pages answer the questions your audience has in the language they use (which means using words they are searching with). These pages are content-rich gems that help drive organic traffic to your website.

    2. Magento FAQ page helps you think through all of the questions your readers have
    Invariably, as I develop questions and answers for the FAQ page, I find myself refining my thoughts on positioning and content on other portions of a website. "Oh yeah, a reader may be thinking about this. I think we should address this in greater detail, or maybe we should develop some content specific to this." Go through this exercise even if you aren't going to post the FAQs: you're bound to find some holes - and opportunities - in your content marketing strategy.

    3. Magento FAQ page can be used as a next step
    Every marketing piece needs a call to action, and an FAQ page can be the perfect thing. I'm working on a white paper for a client, and we were talking about the next step that we want the reader to take. There wasn't anything obvious, so one of my suggestions was to think of all of the questions that the reader would have as a result of reading the white paper and create an FAQ page specifically for this.

    4. Magento FAQ page is fast to put together and easy to update
    The FAQ page is very easy content to put together, and you can make updates often. Who doesn't like that?

    5. Readers turn to Magento FAQ page to find information
    From a reader's perspective, FAQ pages are comforting: they know what to expect and they are easy to skim.

    And if you want to create a FAQ page to your site and wonder a suitable extension, you can take a look at this Magento FAQ extension.

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    Yes, you are right, the use of FAQ Extension is very important for every online store. It helps to set FAQ pages where customers can find frequently asked questions. As well as they can also raise questions to remove their doubts before making a purchase.

    By setting FAQ pages with the right questions helps you gain more visibility in the Google search engine.

    Check out here: FAQ Manager – Extension For Magento 2

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