Are you in search of the best affiliate product to promote or program that will pay you the highest commissions? And, if you also want more promising conversions, you’re at the right place.

Magesolution will help you to earn 40% from the sales you make and it’ll be lot easier for you to make sales because of our high converting landing page and a promising solution.
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Create a Magesolution Account to become an Affiliate, then you will be able to send traffic to our website by sharing your refferal links/ banners and get commissions on each purchase right away.

When a customer clicks your referral link or banner and places an order successfully on our website, you will receive up to 40% of that person's purchase price. The commission rate differentiates according to the total sale you make by the end of each month.
Below are the details of the earnings:

Referral sale gets $US 1 - 400 per month, you receive 20% commission
Referral sale gets $US 401 - 1000 per month, you receive 30% commission
Referral sale gets over $US 1001 per month, you receive 40% commission

An email to confirm the customer's order and the commission you receive will be sent to your inbox. Moreover, you can also login your account on to check the summary of all your referrals and your earnings to date at any time.

We will pay you once by the end of each months for account balance greater than $US 50. If your balance is less than $US 50, we will add it to the following month. At the moment, we process our payments through Paypal/Moneybookers.

Moreover, we jot some important notes down here for your consideration:

- If a customer clicks on your referral link/banner and then later they click on someone else’s, yours is the one that earns.

- If a customer already signed up for an account on Magesolution before clicking your referral link, yours will not be counted.

- Above all, use of the affiliate program is subject to a fair usage policy which gives Magesolution the right to review each and every referral.

Join us today and start making money!


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