I guess that you might be using cash registers in your store today? Out-of-dated machine will get you out of track. Believe us or not, you have to consider 5 things if you want to continue using cash registers and if you are about to turn to a Magento mobile POS app
1. Cash registers will reduce your time for checkout and lengthen queues.
Bill Gates once said that he could earn $114.16 per second. Let imagine if your customers are Bill Gates?. Fast checkout process, therefore, means a lot when it comes to retail. Unfortunately, is it possible for your old cash register to handle 1 customer in 1 minute? So why don’t you pick a Magento mobile POS app
( find the best here: http://www.magestore.com/simipos/)

2. Cash registers mean huge loss.
You competitors of course will know the disadvantage of cash register and easily find a better choice- mobile POS system. Sticking to old cash registers is suicidal. Why don’t you save your revenue with Magento mobile POS?
3. Cash registers cannot move but customers can.
Customers do not stand at the same place; they move around to choose the products. Therefore, you need a moving (mobile POS) which can generate sales wherever they are. Not a cash register.
4. Modern store need modern solutions- magento mobile POS
Since it is not mobile, a cash register isn’t an appropriate for click and mortar stores. What about a free m- POS app? It will help them to control orders, products, and mange staff. Can’t choose it yourself, find in top 5 best mobile POS apps.
Unlike cash registers, a Magento mobile POS app can become a helpful assistant with retail management. For these reasons, why don’t you change into a mobile POS app and get rid of your old cash registers? 5 top best Mobile POS App might help you.

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