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Issue in a Magento Mobile website Navigation

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    Question Issue in a Magento Mobile website Navigation

    Hello Support Community,

    We are facing an issue related to a Magento Mobile website. This mobile website is activated using a separate mobile theme which grabs all the content & data from the desktop itself.

    Now the issue is that few days back the navigation of the mobile website has stopped working. We believe it is due to some jQuery conflict in the header. But some how due to discrepancies between the client & us, the client is not allowing us to touch the backend. Instead they have taken reference from some external party & their comments are below:

    I had a look at your mobile menu issue today.
    The problem is it does not have a menu per say, the code just loads the categories…
    <ul id="nav">
    <?php foreach ($this->getStoreCategories() as $category): ?>
    <li class="arrow to_child">
    <?php $link = ($this->isParent($category) ? '#category'.$category->getId() : $this->getCategoryUrl($category)); ?>
    <a href="<?php echo $link; ?>"<?php if ($this->isParent($category)) echo " class=\"to_child\""?>><?php echo $this->htmlEscape($category->getName()); ?></a>
    <script type="text/javascript">
    catPath[<?php echo $category->getId(); ?>] = '<?php echo(Mage::getStoreConfig('catalog/frontend/flat_catalog_category') ? $category->getPath() : $category->getPathId());?>';
    catUrl[<?php echo $category->getId(); ?>] = '<?php echo $this->getCategoryUrl($category); ?>';
    <div style="height:8px;"></div>
    <?php $i ++ ; ?>
    <?php endforeach ?>
    That is the code. It’s pretty lazy! It's needs at least 3 to 4 hours work to fix this, I can
    send you to someone

    We do not understand what he's trying to mention. Although we know that there are two types of navigations usually used in mobiles: "Click & Appear" and "Listing Catalogue Type". We are using the Listing catalogue type as per the mobile themes settings. We would like to know your point of view on how critical is it to have a 'click and appear' menu in terms of improving conversions against a catalogue menu as it is.

    Also one more point to be noted is, after a recent update that they did to their desktop cart, there was an issue in the mobile cart not adding products. We believe that the update they did to the desktop shopping cart may have lead to the jquery conflict which caused the Mobile Shopping cart not loading products, as well as messed up the navigation.

    We would value your expert opinion as to what could be the possible reason for the navigation not working & how we can fix it.
    Also how could it be proven that the code is 'NOT lazy' but 'standard'.

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    Sometimes there are bugs that takes a space so yeah fixing them is what that helps and that actually lets us understand how goodly something can be produced so yeah it works appropriately mate.

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