Magento Product Labels extension by CMSIDEAS.

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Magento Product Labels allows to add labels on product thumbnails. It supports unlimited types of label. You can create your own label rules extremely easy by using the smart and user-friendly interface. Display many labels on same product is supported.

Magento Product Labels helps you promote the promotional information, bestseller products, favorite products, famous brands, … You can choose custom design of the label to draw attention to the customer. You can easily filter the products according to your conditions.
You’ll be able to use the extension quickly and easily. Displayed on catalog and product pages.


- Create an unlimited number of label rules
- Define conditions to trigger a rule
- Specify a store where a rule can be applied
- Prioritize label rules
- Separate catalog and product view labels setup
- Add your own images for catalog and product labels in any way you like: upload them or just insert a path
- Customize a label for every product
- Choose label position using live preview selector
- Display multiple labels on each product item
- Create rules to display labels very easy and unlimited conditions
- Ability to add your own css styling
- Multi-lingual supported
- Multiple stores supported

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