СRM(Customer Relationship Management) allows you to create reminders for orders and customers. That would be rather helpful for administration of your store. That will help you to split tasks and reminders for different employees of your Magento store. To create reminder you just need to go in CRM tab in appropriate order tab or customer profile. And click on a button "new reminder". Customer CRM also maintain attachments that are not a reminders indeed. All reminders are related with time and date and all reminders are visible on dashboard all the time before their accomplishment.


Ability to set up reminders and comments
Possibility to have attachments to orders and customers
Possibility to see reminders on the dashboard
Ability to see all reminders in the CRM tab
CRM tab for orders
CRM tab for customer

And it is free!!!
This magento extension on Magento connect http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/webinse-crm.html

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