Speeding up your magento website gives your website more value and increases its SEO score, gets more and more customers, saves hosting/ server environment etc.

Below mentioned tips will show how to change some magento configuration that will eventually make your website faster. You can also use this method for the website which is under construction or modifying: -

1. Enable magento cache

At version magento CE 1.5 or higher, magento includes internal as well as external cache to speed up your website.

Internal cache:

Goto magento admin panel: System > Cache management

Check all of them and enable only those.

External Cache:

Goto magento admin panel: system > configuration > advanced > system

2. Magento Combine JS/CSS

This method makes a combine JS/CSS inline files. Javascript and CSS files as defined in XML layout will combine to some files. Just by decreasing client-server connections, size of javascript and css your website could speed up.

Goto magento admin panel: system-configuration-advanced-developer

Now here set params to “YES”

3. Magento compilation

Default magento store many files in many structured directory. As a result this increases the load time and server processing php interpreter. Magento compilation will save it in one folder named “include” and speed up your server processing.

Goto magento admin panel: system-tools-compilation

Run compilation process and enable by button.

4. Log setting

Magento does not provides you an configuration to disable logs. A live magento store writes a lot of log statistics.

In case your website gets normal or a high traffic, this causes a big trouble.

In all the cases you should config your magento log cleaning.

Goto magento admin panel: system-configuration-advanced-system

5. Test your website with some tools

After a complete change configuration, you can now test your website with some online tools that are available:

Webpage test

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