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65% of all emails get opened first on a mobile device. How to convert them into sales

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    Default 65% of all emails get opened first on a mobile device. How to convert them into sales

    According to statistics from the US Consumer Device Preference Report: Q4 2013 of Movable Ink, more than half of all emails are opened on mobile devices in the US (65% exactly). “This quarter’s report shows that we are in the midst of a mobile takeover,” said Movable Ink cofounder and CEO Vivek Sharma in a statement on the news. That news, therefore, might be the way out for any email marketing plans since computer- based traditional strategies proved ineffectively. However, not everyone knows how to take advantage of this news in order to increase conversion rate.
    Don’t worry, just try some following tips and wait for the changes it will bring.

    1. Let’s go responsive right now!

    Responsive design is the latest trend in web design and so is newsletter. Just imagine what happen if your mobile addictive customers view a web-based newsletter on their smart phones or tablets!
    Create your email with responsive templates which will adjust your newsletter to the size of their screen and thus reduce the irritation of customers. Read more :

    2. DO NOT overload your customers with lengthy emails!

    Instead of reading through from one to another email, customers only scan them. If they find something interesting, they will focus on it. Therefore, you just need to keep it short and sweet like push notifications! Hot titles, catchy words will catch their eyes for the first time and drive them to your main content right away. Find out more about how to write a short message here

    3. Don’t miss the right time for sending emails:
    Though mobile customers always keep their smart phones with them anywhere, however, it doesn’t mean that you can send your newsletter anytime. Sending emails to customers right before their working or studying time is best choice because in the early morning, people have habit of checking their inbox first, your newsletter, by the way will appear at the top of mailing list.
    4. Is your landing page responsive? If not, fix it right away!
    It is obvious that you will have to integrate your landing page into the email so as to increase conversion rate. Be watch out! Even when your responsive email can attract customers to click the link, you can lose them easily if your landing page is not responsive. If you don’t want to waste your time and effort, just be careful with your landing page. Responsive landing page is a must for an email marketing plan!
    Find out more interesting tips in Mobile marketing:

    5. Have you tested it yet?
    Everything will be mere theory if there’s no practice and practice always makes perfect. That is the reason why we always recommend you to test your email template before sanding them. Creating and testing emails, you can make necessary adjustments to emails and make sure that it will work well with every customer.
    It would be the best to use some email marketing services to have fast and convenient experience. They will allow you to self-design or configure your emails, testing and tracking the results.
    There may be other tips for utilizing the mobile email marketing; however, these above tips are basic ones that you always have to keep in mind.

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    Eric, A very worth information shared by you. It is true that mobile internet has conquered the internet world and it has become a necessity to build a responsive theme whenever a website is developed by a developer. And yes, your email content should be very impressive while sending an email to your customers rather than spamming them.

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