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Magento Product Questions

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    Post Magento Product Questions

    Magento Product Questions by CMSIDEAS.

    Live Demo
    Product detail

    Magento Product Questions
    The Magento Product Question extension enables your visitors to ask questions directly on the product page. The store administrator reviews the questions and gives answers himself or allows other visitors to respond to them.
    In this version, the new (and unique) feature allows you to quickly drive the content of your Magento store and grow powerful community. The question and answer appear together on the same page.
    If a customer asks a question relevant to multiple items, you can easily share it on other product pages or websites.

    For demo backend:
    User: demo
    Pass: demo1234


    1. Ask a question

    “Ask a Question” button on all product pages
    The module adds “Ask a Question” button below item description on all product pages. After clicking the button, the product questions form appears where a visitor can submit his question.
    Disable "Ask a question" form for guests
    Don’t want guests to ask questions about your products? Disable this option from admin panel and suggest unregistered customers to sign up.
    Show all product questions on the page
    The module displays all questions that have been asked about the product. The most helpful questions are shown first.
    Privacy option
    A customer can choose the type of his question: public or private. Private questions will be answered via email only and won’t be displayed in the frontend.
    Edit the question before approving
    After a question is submitted, the administrator can change author’s info, question body, store display, etc.

    2. Answer visitors’ questions

    Specify the answerer
    The Product Questions Magento extension allows you to add answers from:
    If you want to publish an answer as a customer, you can choose one of the existing users in your store base.
    Let customers answer questions on the product page
    Configure who can write answers on product pages:
    only registered customers
    only registered customers who bought the product
    both guests and registered customers
    Invite buyers to answer a question via direct emails
    Invite buyers to answer a question about the product they have already got by sending direct product questions emails. You can configure which customers will be notified about the question according to the date of the purchase.
    Visitors’ answers auto-approval
    The Magento Question extension allows you to approve customer-submitted answers automatically.
    Limit the number of answers on the product page
    You can show last X answers per each question. Answers with the highest helpfulness rate are displayed first. To unfold other answers, customers can click the Next Answers link.
    Add several answers per one question
    The module allows you to add an unlimited number of answers to one question.
    Manage product questions and answers with ease
    Helpfulness rate
    Both administrator and visitors can rate the helpfulness of questions and answers. The most helpful ones will be displayed first on the product page. Moreover, you can restrict guests to rating and allow only registered clients to vote.
    Parse URLs into links
    The extension allows you to display URLs as links in questions and answers.
    Product Questions tab in My Account
    The module adds a special tab into customer’s account area, where a user can observe whether the question is approved and answered, check the status of the replies, and see the link to the products he/she has discussed.
    See all questions in the backend
    A new question is automatically added to the Pending Questions page in the backend where the administrator can moderate it. The module saves all questions with answers and you can view them on the All Questions page.
    Assign product question to several products.

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    Here is another Magento product questions extension to display product questions in your Magento store in proper way.
    Magento product questions extension by FME allows you to create a product questions tab on every product page and a separate FAQ page.


    • Dedicated Product FAQ’s page
    • Captcha enabled “Ask a Question” form
    • Display FAQs in accordion style
    • Rating, like/unlike and reply options
    • Configure FAQs block
    • Email notifications
    • Admin Moderation
    • 5 themes to select from for FAQs page

    More Details -


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    Thank you for sharing!

    You can also check out the Product Questions & Answers for Magento 2:


    • Questions asked by both admin and customers
    • Answers replied by both admin and customers
    • Ability for visitors to ask questions and reply
    • Automatic and manual moderation
    • Ability to subscribe to a question and receive answers by email
    • Quick search for Q/A
    • Ability to sort Q/A by relevance
    • Email notifications to keep users informed
    • Captcha to avoid spamming
    • Responsive design for tablets and mobile devices

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    Hi, flocks!

    Also, check out one more module here: Product Questions – Extension For Magento 2.

    This is an effective tool for Magento 2 store. This extension allows customers/visitors to ask product related questions and answers from the product page. If any customer has a question about the product, he may ask it under Q&A section area by filling form details like Name, Email, Subject(optional) & Question.

    Name:  product-question-question-form.png
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Size:  66.2 KB

    The best idea to generate more sales is to first remove customers' doubts by answering their questions. This module helps customers ask a question and get an answer by the admin. That helps them to make a quick buying decision and help you increase your sales.

    Highlighted Features:
    • Allows Customers To Ask Question
    • Customizable Advanced Grid
    • Export Product Questions Data To CSV Or XML File
    • Add Product Q&A Through Back-End
    • Google ReCaptcha
    • Helps In Increasing Sales
    • Submit Private Question

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