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The Z-Blocks Magento extension allows you to add promotional banners, advertising or other applicable information to any place of your website whenever it is required. You can easily create an unlimited number of Magento custom content blocks without any changes in template or layout files.

Each block can be scheduled and appear automatically according to different conditions: date & time, customer group, product/category page, store view, etc.

With the Z-Blocks Magento extension, you can display blocks at the appropriate place and time. In a couple of clicks you can make:
- new products banners appear randomly above the main menu
- info about discounts displayed in customer account area
- holiday congratulation shown at different stores/languages


Z-Blocks widget
Place your promotional, advertising or any other block only on the X product page, in any tab of My Account page, on any stage of the checkout process, on the Contact Us page, and many other pages.
Ten (10) predefined block positions on each page
Z-Blocks offers 8 main blocks with three visibility levels (general, catalog, product) and 2 additional blocks. See below for specific block information.
A powerful block view scheduler
You can set blocks to appear from, to or between specific dates or times. In addition, you can schedule blocks to appear on a wide variety of dates (e.g., odd days, on Tuesdays, on the 25th of each month, etc.) And the most exciting aspect of this feature is that the conditions can be combined for ultra-flexibility! See the use cases we’ve prepared to find out how flexible Z-Blocks’ scheduler really is!
Rotation of independent items inside each block
Users of this Custom Content Magento extension can set the rotation of content items inside each specific block. Note: This is a more convenient, user-friendly implementation of the Ad Rotator functionality found in previous versions

The three rotation modes are:
- show all (shows all items in the block, which makes it great for debugging and/or designing an ad campaign)
- rotate one-by-one (shows blocks one-by-one starting with the first one)
- show random (shows items randomly), “show all” is the default mode

Flexible management of each block displaying

Per-category and per-store views
Set different blocks for different stores/languages with Z-Blocks. Make blocks appear for custom categories or only on product pages. (The visibility of each block is determined by the “show only category selected and all of its children” rule. This is especially useful when making a promo of specific products that are relatively specialized)
Specify z-blocks displaying for different customer groups
The Z-Blocks Magento extension now can be used as a powerful target marketing tool – build your marketing strategy more purposefully by showing different blocks for different groups of customers.
Enable/disable z-block for CMS pages
You can choose whether to display Magento custom content blocks on static pages.
Place any block in any position by easily changing the CMS page layout
Any blocks can be placed anywhere by changing the template of the corresponding CMS page. This means you can invent as many custom positions as you’d like for any number of blocks.
Filter product attributes to place each block on certain product pages
Create rules to specify the product pages where blocks will be displayed.
An unlimited number of blocks inside each position

Easy and fast block content creating

WYSIWYG editor
Create rich HTML content without extra efforts and extensive knowledge.
Specify classes for any HTML element of the block
You can define the name of a class for Z-Blocks’ HTML element and specify its attributes.
Native Magento widgets and variables support
Now you can use a large list of variables and get certain data inserted automatically within your z-blocks. With widgets support every non-technical administrator of your website can add new, recently compared, recently viewed product lists to the z-block content and insert links to categories or CMS pages.
Block item inclusion of any content that Magento CMS supports
Block items can include content that involves HTML, Images/Flash, JavaScript and Code (specifically for fetching other blocks, such as those with featured products).
An unlimited number of content items inside each block

And much more…

[B]Block and item enabling/disabling[B]
Place your blocks in any predefined or custom places. You can then disable blocks (or single items inside the blocks) as needed by setting their status option to “disabled”, thus preventing them from being shown (or vice versa).
Customizable block and item sorting
The order of your block’s appearance is determined by the “sort order” attribute.
The addition of a new GUI
Z-Blocks module has its own GUI available from CMS!

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