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Magento Advanced Reports Extension

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    Smile Magento Advanced Reports Extension

    Magento Advanced Reports Extension by CMSIDEAS.

    Live Demo

    To assist your company in achieving success in today’s fast-paced, competitive global marketplace, the Magento Advanced Reports extension by CMSIDEAS is ready to be your reporting partner. Not only does this Magento extension allow you to obtain more sales information than ever before, but you can also use the information you cull to better draw conclusions about the status of your business.

    Whether you want to run reports by countries, hours, days of the week or other criteria, the Magento Advanced Reports extension can help you get a complete picture of your business situation. It’s the perfect product to help you maximize your organization’s profitability.

    Advanced Reports Demo:
    User: demo
    Pass: demo1234

    <b>Basic Advanced Reports offers other specialized options</b>

    - “Bestsellers” report. This report displays information about the products your customers most frequently purchased over a period of time. As an added benefit, the number of products can be limited
    - "Sales by Hour" report. This type of report helps you analyze the hours purchases were made in your traditional or online store. Each hour is set to be reported separately; however, this default setting can be customized
    - "Sales by Day of Week" report. Want to know how many sales you made on Tuesday versus Thursday? Advanced Reports can create a Week Day report for any week day
    - "Sales by Product" report. It's easy to check the sales of any product for any period of time! Compare the sales of several products, all with the touch of a few buttons! Now with SKU instant search and detailed data selection by optional and masked SKU
    - "Sales by Country" report. It helps you maintain sales reports by country, which is especially critical if you’re operating on a global level. With the extension software, it’s easy to view the items purchased during any period of time; the amount and total price of the products purchased; and an easy-to-read world map showing where purchases were made
    - “Sales Report”. With this Advanced Reports unit, it’s simple to display the purchase date and time of products sold during a specified period. Filtering option allows you to sort the data according to any value you’d like - SKU, product name, manufacturer, etc.
    - “Sales” report. This report type is enhanced Magento Sales Report which allows you to display sales data on the chart and set up the pre-defined reporting period range.
    - “Users Activity” report. This report allows you to observe customers’ activities (e.g., new accounts and orders) for any period of time. The Users Activity chart is set up to reflect the reporting information visually.
    - “Sales by Customer Group” report. This great feature gives you the opportunity to see sales by groupings of customer types
    - "Products by Customer" report. This report allows you to learn how many products have been bought at a time by the majority/minority of your customers
    - The enlarged number of fields in each report type allows you to make a thorough analysis of your business situation.

    Product detail:

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    Great to know your product. Looks good with different reports generated.

    There are still more products available in the market place with so many updated features. You could find @

    Hope this would help the readers.

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    Hawk Eye Dashboard

    Keep an eye on your store data with Hawk Eye Dashboard. it provides full fledged information on a single board and display all key metrics of the store in the form of graph & lists.

    Data to information: Hawk Eye mold you store data into useful information and present in graphical form which gives you the clear view of store activities.

    Step ahead in business: Information provided by Hawk Eye can be used - to understand, analysis and predicts the results - identify the area to improve - make plan according to available figure and much more

    Attachment 2429

    What Hawk Eye Provides?

    Date filters: It helps to check and compare store performance between different dates to analysis and take action accordingly. All data display for the dates selected in filters except life time sale and average.

    Store switcher: One installation for all sites on your store. You can check data for each store just by selecting it from drop down.

    Number and percentage: Provides you the numbers for orders, customers, products and sold item and percentage for each with respect to lifetime numbers till today.

    Orders/Amount trend and last orders list: Display the trend for order and amount with list of last order placed on store.

    Order and Customer status graph: Order status shows the percentage and number of order are completed, canceled, under processing etc. And customer status graph shows that are the customers new or returning who placed orders.

    Order by customers group and customer/guest checkout graph: Identify which customer group is more active and making more purchase and do the orders placed by customer or guest users on the store.

    Top customer and Best Seller lists: Get to know who are the top customers those made good purchase and best seller those contribute to maximise the sale.

    Shipping method: It show which and what percentage of each shipping method is used by customers.

    Order graphs for order by hours, day and week: These help to know which week of the month, day of the week, and hour of the day hitting the maximum, minimum and average sale on you store.

    Country graph: Display the countries on map with orders numbers for each.

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    t's always difficult for you to check reports of products, customers, orders... in the back-end of your Magento site. So, we created an extension for magento called

    Magento Advanced reports brings 8 report options for you .With this extension you can check reports of products, customers, orders... in the back-end of your Magento site. It's designed and developed to help you have the perfect solutions for your reporting with visual charts and tables.

    It is very easy to have total professional reports with visual charts and tables.
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    ON Sale : click for details :

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