Magento Mobile Sales Tracking Pro by CMSIDEAS.

Magento Mobile Sales Tracking Pro

Are you often busy and need to work anytime you are away from the offices? But taking a laptop with you always makes you feel exhausted and inconvenient, right? It is time to look for the fastest mobile way to follow the latest real-time sales data of your e-store
Understanding customer’s demand, Vnextensions have created Magento mobile sales tracking which is the first and only native app for Magento. Thanks to Magento mobile sales tracking, you can now get access to your real-time sales data, such as today's sales, today's orders, and bestsellers in a clear sight of detailed reports from any mobile devices you want. Just tap and all necessary detailed & latest reports are at your fingertips!
Above all, no data sharing requirements from the third party, which help to increase the access speed and data security!


Provide sales statistics quickly
Whenever you want, the latest report on data like today's sales, today's orders, bestselling products will appear at your fingertips. Vnextensions save your time of keeping up to date with new sales status since your last logout.
Detailed statistics
Vnextensions provides you with a comprehensive report on bestselling products. The number of orders, total order value and orders' details of each best-selling product are shown in details. Thus you can come up with decisions in time for new changes.
Orders reports right in your pocket
You can own a report on orders including total sales and order details in a specific period of time whenever you have time. Moreover, you can also see a valued order in ‘pending’ status? Thanks to this, you can contact your customers directly via ‘phone’ or ‘email’ icons to find out what exactly the problem is.
Customers' information available
The information of customer's country and the quantity of orders placed are also shown in details which help figure out what are your target customers. It's a good idea to manage your customer base even on mobile devices, right?


Ensure data security and quick & direct access to sales reports no third party involvement.
Display the quantity of new orders, new customers and new sales
Show information about sales, orders, customers and bestselling products
Switch tabs easily to access sales reports of each store.
Report on sales details such as sales value, daily sales value and proportion, etc.
Display information of best-seller products within a period of time in descending order
Show the orders list of each product and enable to access detailed information of each order and customer.
Enable to filter orders by order ID, customer’s name or email.
Enable to reach a specific order by using the Advanced Search function.
Show a list of your customers and enable to access customer’s details.
Enable to contact customer instantly by clicking on the “phone” or “email” icon.
Enable to create Desktop shortcut icon on mobile and tablet devices

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