Magento Navigation Layer Pro by CMSIDEAS.

It is a wise choice to improve navigation of your online Magento store which allow customer to reach the product they are looking for quick and easily. If this entrance is complex, lengthy and time consuming, customers will get irritated. Hence, a clear and modern Magento navigation is useful for you to increase sales directly.
Mangento Layered Navigation Extension is created to optimize and improve your online store’s navigation more flexibly and user-friendly! This extension will enable your customers see the products they are seeking without going through time consuming steps.

Layered Navigation Pro features

Enable add layered navigation on home page
Allow to define position of each filter in Shop By column, you can put the most important attributes on top and define overall filters sequence
Improve overall look of layered navigation block
Enable admin to configure column layout of each filter directly in the backend
Enable choose any combination of attributes they see on their screens for filtering, including multiple values for one attribute
Enables your customers to filter search results by multiple attributes
Highlights current selection directly in the filter block;
Allows customers to select a price range or input price directly
Uses popular Price Slider control
Improve layered navigation SEO with additional text place on results page
Assign layered navigation price ranges individually for each category
Enable choose the next/previous products or return from the product page
Introduces an Endless Page option which allows for displaying all products on one page, with products being uploaded as the shopper scrolls down the product list/grid
Multi language support

More detail: Magento Navigation Layer Pro

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