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Create your own iPhone and Android Applications for your Magento Store

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    Default Create your own iPhone and Android Applications for your Magento Store

    1. Why You Needs Mobile App For Your Business ?
    Smartphones are a happening topic and as time goes on, the mobile application market is doing nothing short of continuing it’s popularity explosion. Over the past few years my phone has transitioned from a over-powered toy into a hyper-productive business tool. I track my time through apps, I share work docs through apps, I project manage through apps, I access my CRM through apps, and I make a good chunk of my living by making apps. Before I get too carried away with how mobile apps can revolutionize your business, I’d like show a few interesting stats:

    Over 1 billion of the worlds 4+ billion mobile phones are smartphones.
    By 2014, mobile internet usage is projected to overtake desktop internet usage.
    In 2012, more than 50% of local searches are preformed from smart phones
    Apple has the smart phone largest market share of around 47%, followed closely by Android, with Windows and Blackberry being the runner ups.
    Apps are developed differently for Apple, Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices, yet if properly planned apps can be created for all devices on a single framework.

    2. How To create Mobile App For Android/Iphone
    Magento offer some extension like Mofluid that will convert your store into mobile app.One month trial also available for Iphone.No coding required. No technical skills needed. Simply download and install this plugin in your magento store, fill in the details, customize the app for your brand and download more

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    You can also find Ecommerce Mobile Store at EcomExtension Store. Now you can easily convert your Magento Ecommerce Store into Mobile Ecommerce Store with our Mobile App Framework.!

    Have a look, How our Mobile App Framework will help you?

    • Synchronize data from your website
    • Optimize the mobile interface
    • Runs smoothly and provides user-friendly interface
    • Customize your mobile store as you wish
    • Develop and support iPhone app within 2 weeks

    You can also view this creative video. And know How does it work!

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