Global Earth Hour 2014 will take place on this 29th March! Would you Turning Off the Lights to Make a Difference?

Turning out the lights for an hour might seem a little pointless since it won’t actually affect noticeably on saving the planet. However, it does make a difference as a powerful statement, raising awareness and lasting far longer than 60 minutes. Based on this concept, Magestore have designed a Mini Game called “TURN THE LIGHTS OFF!” to make this event more fun and enjoyable.

How to Play:

Simply follow this link, click on Play Now button to start the game. Your mission is to turn off as many light bulbs as possible in 10 seconds by clicking on them.

When times up, a pop-up will show your final score. Your name will be listed on the ranking board if you archive one in 15 highest records.

You can play the game as many times as you want till you satisfy with your result.

The Rewards:

Our main purpose when creating this game is to bring fun and enjoyment to Earth Hour. To make it more exciting, the Mini Game also comes with not-so-mini Prizes:
  • 1 player with the highest score will get 100 Reward Points, which can be redeemed for $100 to purchase at Magestore.
  • 4 players with the next highest scores will get 20 Reward Points, which can be redeemed for $20 to purchase at Magestore.
  • All top 5 winners will receive a Vietnamese post card sent to their office.

Please note that:

  • Any attempts to change the results on purpose will be marked as unfair plays and removed from our ranking board.
  • You should provide your email in the pop-up shown after times up. If any of top 5 players don’t provide their emails, the prizes will be handed to players with the next highest score.

The Game is available on our site from 18 Mar to 29 Mar, 2014 (GMT -7). After that time, we will announce the winners on Magestore’s Blog and contact them directly via the emails provided.

All sound excited, aren’t they? So wait no more, let’s start welcoming Earth Hour with enjoyment HERE!

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