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The easiest way to build Magento mobile app

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    Default The easiest way to build Magento mobile app

    A mobile commerce solution called SimiCart (powered by the SimiCommerce team) will shortly be made officially available to the mass marketplace.

    SimiCart is the complete mobile solution which helps to build a native Magento mobile app for an e-store. This essentially turns an e-commerce store into an m-commerce app. The SimiCommerce team has put huge efforts in researching and developing this useful m-commerce technology, which allows adding more features to the Magento mobile app by installing plug-ins without the customization process.

    Why is this so good? Well, it is simple for e-retailers to add more features to their e-store (simply by installing extensions via PC or Laptop), but it is extremely complicated to do this for mobile apps. The frustrating process involves getting their mobile store app customized with these extended features by hired developers, which takes time and can be very costly.

    SimiCart potentially means that this is a thing of the past! E-store owners are able to quickly add more functions to their Magento mobile app just by choosing appropriate plug-ins, with SimiCart then automatically integrate them into their app. In addition, SimiCommerce team will soon release a marketplace for other developers to sell mobile plug-ins built for SimiCart.

    Discussing the new innovation, David Nguyen (Technical Manager of the SimiCommerce Team) said: “In this fast-paced mobile era where everything will get out-of-date incredibly fast, it’s hard to survive without new technology or anything different. This new platform is our revolution and we are excited to see how far SimiCart will go. Happiness of customer are ours, consequently, we are working harder to bring better experience to them.”

    Sounds great, right?! But what’s the catch? Well, SimiCart is currently optimised for supporting Magento e-stores, but thankfully versions for other e-commerce platforms are in the pipeline.
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    Great Mobile App

    Smartphones are the way to go for all businesses to capture new heights in online sales. Magento eCommerce Mobile application development service is just right for your business to go mobile. Look at One of the best Customized Magento Mobile App into your eCommerce website.

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    There is 3 easiest way to built magento mobile app. There is

    i) Readily built cum customizable solution for Magento store (Contus M-Comm)
    ii) Pre-built solution
    iii) Building a Magento mobile app from the scratch

    Above 3 solution can do in Contus M Comm - Magento

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    Currently, Smartphone devices are widely used in the world. These are the great way to next level of ecommerce business. So magento store owner have a mobile apps for their store.

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    Apphitect, best platform to build a magento mobile app. It has a lot of tecnhnologies and features like Native App, Deep Linking, Push Notifications, Customizable, Reward Points, Multi-Lingual, Multi-Currency, GeoFencing, Synchronization, Secured Payment, Instant contact, Exotic shopping experience, Marketing and promotion etc when it comes to build ecommerce app with Apphitect mobile Commerce

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    Get Native Mobile Apps for your Magento Store

    MageMob App Builder for Magento is a mobile app extension which helps you to build a custom mobile app for your Magento Store easily and quickly. Apps built with MageMob App Builder are optimized for both Android and iOS platforms and are mobile responsive.

    Get A 100% Native Mobile App for Magento

    Magento Mobile App Builder gives you all the flexibility without the headache of developing your application from the ground up.

    Android App Demo

    Download and get the Magento Ecommerce Mobile App Builder experience prior to your customers. magento store android app

    iOS (iPhone & iPad) Demo

    A sneak-peek into how your branded Magento Mobile App Builder iOS app will look and feel like. magento store ios app

    Why Use Magento Mobile App Builder?

    Anytime Access

    Customers can access your Magento store from anywhere! Magento Mobile App Builder lets you leverage the power of m-commerce.

    Native Apps

    Since the Apps created with our extension are native, you get to provide the best user experience on both Android and iOS devices.

    Cost Effective

    The app helps you drastically decrease the investment needed for developing and publishing Mobile App for Magento Store.

    Larger Outreach

    MageMob App Builder helps increase your customer base, since your store can potentially be present on every smartphone.

    Increased Sales

    The user-friendliness and mobility increase the overall sales from your Magento store and makes your ecommerce business a success.

    Satisfied Customers

    You can have more contented customers by offering them flexibility of accessing your store from their iPhones & Android devices.

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    Exclusive Features You Can Only Have with This Magento 2 Mobile App And Free Home Page

    Customization On Any New Mobile App Development.

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    Here is one of the best mobile app development company ONGOBUYO which converts your Magento Store into a native mobile application. The mobile application provides a user-friendly experience and enhances the customers' engagement with the mobile platform. So what you waiting for, you must have a mobile app with great features & functionalities for your store.

    Some Top Features:

    1. Interactive banner
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