Everything seems to go mobile
Forrester Research revealed that more than 50 percent of consumers plan to increase mobile spending during this year. As for Trinity Digital marketing, until 2013, there are about 1.2 million people accessing the web from their mobile devices. Go-globle.com also showed that 79% consumers resort to their mobile devices as a new retail therapy.

The need of appropriate strategies for mobile shift
More personal, portable, and in many cases, powerful than any computing device in the past, mobile devices deliver new opportunities for enterprises to establish, nurture, and maintain relationships with customers.
However, without m-commerce appropriate solution, e-retailers encounter various difficulties including the reduction in customers’ satisfactions. Due to the shift from computer to mobile internet surfing, how frustrated and inconvenient customers may feel while entering a badly mobile optimized e-stores or waiting in long line for orders completed. It is not only the matter of technology but also the problem of CRM- marketing strategies of e-retailers.
Moreover, from the perspective of e-shops owners themselves, not utilizing mobile technology in their business is a disadvantage. Old-fashioned CRM may require more investment in terms of capital and human resource than Mobile CRM since the customers’ demand grows.
The answer lies in M-commerce itself
In order to deal with these problems, e-retailers should utilize some mobile commerce solutions to develop and maintain their long-term relationship with their customers.
It is the matter of true that the mobile version of e-stores is friendlier than the old style website. A native m-commerce app of your store can be a perfect solution. Providing a mobile store app helps store owners to have interactive engagement with users, strengthens ties with your customers, encourage customer loyalty and returns rate. It’s also the best suit for mobile devices since it is best optimized for mobile interface.

For Magento stores, SimiCart by Magestore is currently the easiest way to have Magento mobile app of your store. There’s no need to have any technical knowledge and store owners does not need to implement any steps themselves. Besides, e-retailers can enjoy the satisfaction brought by Magestore developers who will build a mobile app for their store from A to Z and support them dedicatedly.
In addition, it can assist e-store owner in their CRM strategies through pushing notification and automatic data synchronization between mobile app and e-store feature. These two important features are quite helpful in order to market e-stores and improve customer management.
SimiCart has been launched lately, however if you want to experience this new solution, you can visit the product page: http://www.magestore.com/simicart/

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