For the purpose of facilitating your magento store surfing and purchasing, we’ve relaunced Magento Product images promotion with exceptional features to optimize your SEO and social marketing.
- Your customers will easy reach your store with Facebook Share, Like,voting, adding comments...... Products information and price are updated to Facebook Shop real time without any management efforts.
- With this magento extensions, make more interactions between customers and your website by create a social networking with pictures contest for users, which will attract a lot of visitors to become members and get benefit from your site.

This is one of most powerful extension with following features which help increase your sales.

Customer dashboard functions

Customers login and go to Product Images Promotion link items to manage
Customers can upload pictures using Ajax uploader with a progress bar. After uploading successfully, customer can add title, descriptions of picture
Customers can crop images using tool developed by Jcrop Javascript
Customer can edit/delete pictures from list
Customer can make picture as featured image
Customer can change avatar picture, user name
Customer can withdraw from the contest
All pictures are shown with Grid and some sort by options
Admin back end functions

Administrator can access to Mage Solutions -> Product Images promotion at Admin Navigation bar. And It will have 3 items with All pictures, All winners and Setting

At All pictures tab : include all pictures to present

Allow admin to set status for pictures such as: Approved, Denied, Removed
Admin can send email to user to notify user’s pictures status changes
Allow admin to set winner for pictures, send email notification to customer
Allow admin to set up coupon code and send email to customer
At All Winners tab allow admin to see and manage all winners

Include current winner block: picture, username, number of likes by facebook
List winners: admin can sort, filter....
At Setting tab allow admin to update setting options for the extension

Allow admin to update Facebook configuration with App Id/API Key, facebook comments, facebook number posts
Allo Admin to enable/disable the extension, update descriptions for this extension
Allow admin to change URL of the extesion for example: you can change to xxx-xxx, you can change it in "Route to Images Promotion" field
Allow admin to set up Image zoon funtion options
Allow admin to update page title, meta keyworks and meta descriptions for the extension
Allow admin to update some others options: Width, heigh of main image, featured image.....
Front end functions

Product images promotion - main page : show short descriptions, upload image button, monthly winners and show all pictures in Grid with a lot of options for sort by. Each picture, visitors can make vote, Like by facebook and add comments with facebook or AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail
Customer page : show detail of customer and show all customer's images in Grid with a lot of sort by options
Picture detail page : show picture in detail and users can vote/add comments/like by facebook, show all comments of the picture,
Winner Picture detail page : show winnder picture in detail and users can vote/add comments/like by facebook. Show customer of this winner picture. Show all other pictures of current customer

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