We are excited to announce the launch of the new ProperHost Partner Program consisting of a revamped hosting affiliate program and a brand new channel partner program for resellers. Our affiliate program has undergone a significant upgrade and now offers a new tiered-based commission structure paying a staggering 125% commission for top performers!

Commission rates:

1-5 sales: earn 50% of each sale
6-10 sales: earn 75% of each sale
11-20 sales: earn 100% of each sale
21+ sales: earn 125% of each sale

This is a great opportunity for anyone to start making money by promoting our top-quality hosting service!

Here is an example of how much you can earn with the program:

During your first two months you refer 5 customers to ProperHost:

3 Magento Basic signups
2 Magento Professional signups

You get 50% of each sale, giving a total earning of $37.50 (3 x $25 x 50%) + $75 (2 x $75 x 50%) = $112.50.

Now, in the next month you make 2 more Magento Professional sales. Because you have now reached the next payout level, you get 75% of each sale: 2 x $75 x 75% = $112.50.

Read more and join for free on our website: http://www.properhost.com/partners

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