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Magento Daily Deal

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    Default Magento Daily Deal

    Magento Daily Deal

    Magento Daily Deal extension helps you create & manage deals for your site in the most professional way. You can setup countdown timer for daily deal or for any time period you want

    Users generally form opinions about websites based on the kind of products values. While it takes time and a lot of effort to build a reputation, it takes even more time to fruitfully sustain a reputation once it has been built. With a countdown, the extension integrates your Magento store with limited time deal functionality to motivate your customers to buy more.

    The utility of products coupled with the short-term nature of the available deal makes it especially attractive to customers. For a Magento site based business, it’s easy to incorporate a daily deal extension and goes a long way in securing business for owners and investors. Magento daily deal extension makes it very easy and intuitive to select products from the database and set the terms and conditions for daily deals. Along with sales boost, it also brings extremely effective word of mouth publicity. Also, customers can’t help checking your site every day. Particularly, they can share the deals in their social networks including Facebook or Twitter and help your Magento store more and more popular.

    Magento Daily Deals Extension Front-end

    Customers can review all of your deals in three tabs: Current Deals(Today deals), Past Deals, All Deals and Upcoming Deals in the deal listing page. Three promotion blocks "Today’s Deals", "Coming Deal" and "Past Deals" are shown flexibly so that customers can easily keep track of your deals.
    Attract customers by the countdown timer interface
    Multiple deals are supported, with featured deals easily highlighted
    Attracts customers by highlighting special offers with timer, discount, saving amount, sold quantity, remaining quantity, etc.
    Make a comparison between the discount price and actual value of each product Thanks to such a difference, customers easily get to know how much they can save before purchasing your products.
    View the number of Views and Sales the deal had while on display
    Distinct reports for deals and orders/purchases
    Display the deals in the left or right sidebar with ease
    Display the deals on the homepage, product page and other store pages
    Disable the product after the deal ends or after the product's quantity reaches 0
    Timeline slider on top of the page helps customers define deals for any interval
    Customers will be notified if their required quantity. is higher than the quantity. left or the maximum qty. allowed to buy.
    New front-end design, easy to customize color scheme on the backend to match the customer’s custom theme
    Support multiple languages
    Daily Deal Extension Back-end

    Support all types of product (Simple, Virtual, Downloadable, Configurable, Grouped, Bundled)
    Easy to select products, set discount and activate a deal
    Allow to limit deals per customer order
    Allow to auto-disable deals after they end
    Deal report shows the number of impressions and sold quantity
    Friendly and flexible configuration
    Support multiple languages.

    Product Detail: Magento Daily Deal

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    Great extension for your promotion campaign ! I aslo recommend other extension for more reference :
    Daily Deals extension benefits

    - Admin can create sale-off products by adding special price and selecting Special price time.

    - Admin can adjust amount of products to be discounted for simple products-

    - Allow admin to create embed widgets to show deals on any pages and positions

    - Allow admin to view statistics of every deal status

    - It saves statistics of complete deals and allows admin to view

    - Admin can update deal pages with title, Meta keyword, Meta description…..

    Available on Magento connect : ( Click to visit )
    Visit Homepage :
    ONLY $ 59 BUY IT NOW

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    Magento daily deals extension is always beneficial to eCommerce Magento store to improve the business sales & update the customers about your daily deal.

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    Thank you for sharing.

    You can also try one more extension here Best Deals – Special Products with Countdown – Magento 2 Extension.
    With the aid of this Magento 2 extension you can easily display special products of your online store with eye catching countdowns.
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    Thanks for sharing,

    Even you checkout Magento extension from Modulebazaar.

    Featured products:

    Magento 2 Extension - Payeezy First Data GGe4 Hosted

    This includes the integration of Magento 2 store with first data GGe4 payeezy hosted solution for a secured payment service without using an SSL certificate.

    • Magento 2 Extension - First Data Payeezy GGe4

    This focuses on integrating the Magento 2 e-commerce store with first data GGe4 payeezy offering a smoother shopping and checkout experience.

    • Magento 2 Extension - Currency Auto Switcher + GeoIP Location

    This allows the user to be identified based on their nativity and be redirected to the appropriate language site. This feature undoubtedly enhances customer experience and also a comprehensive understanding of the products.

    **Now you can get Magento2 FirstData Payeezy With Stored Cards with the best price of $99

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    Integrate these Magento extensions to your Magento and Magento 2 store according to your needs. And boost your sales. To know further about our product extension deals, contact us at We have daily Combo deals to offer. So, hurry up!


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