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All you need to get started a e-commerce online shop

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    Thumbs up All you need to get started a e-commerce online shop

    We talk a lot about e-commerce design and the benefits of e-commerce and an SEO campaign we also have carried out an e-commerce survey recently that gave us a lot of food for thought. Base on this survey we decided that today we would put together a list of 10 things you should do or consider with your online shop.

    1) Accept Payment

    We once worked on a site that had an e-commerce cart set up, fully populated and being marketed online but they weren’t selling products. I don’t mean the internet marketing wasn’t working rather that they preferred the cart to be just an online catalogue. Eventually they were persuaded to ‘go transactional’ and made a killing but the point is they could have been doing this all along.

    If you have gone to the effort of building, populating and marketing your e-commerce website then make sure users can follow that through with a purchase.

    2) Get straight to the product

    Look at your online shop, if you were a first time user would you know it was possible to buy online? Let customers see the products straight away to entice them into looking further. Big Flash animations are great but if they use up space that could otherwise be selling for you then it may be worth re-thinking it.

    One more thing, make sure users can see a shopping cart somewhere obvious on the site, subconsciously it will tell users they can buy.

    3) Keep it all legal

    Beware of your legal obligations when distance selling and make sure you are adhering to everything you should from data protection to distance selling regulations. Not only does this offer protection to you and your customer, it will free up your time answering e-mails about shipping, returns etc!

    4) Get your website found

    Having your online shop up and running in one thing, having buyers is another. Combining your e-commerce cart with an online marketing campaign will help advertise your website online and encourage visitor to your site. A well thought out site will help convert these visitors to buyers.

    5) Don’t have any nasty surprises

    This relates to the ‘keep it all legal’ section. A large cause of abandoned carts is due to unexpected shipping charges being added on at the point of purchase. If you think you are getting a bargain online then find another £10 added on just before you put in your credit card details it would put the richest of us off! Alert your buyers to shipping charges throughout the cart so they are informed and expected to see any additional amounts added to their total.

    6) Check your checkout

    Another cause for abandoned carts can simply come down to a broken checkout. Check your payment process every now and again to give yourself peace of mind and react quickly to any reports of a broken cart your customers report.

    7) Show them the product

    Remember that old saying ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. We are very visual creatures, we like to see nice pretty pictures and reading text can be a pain in the behind. In an e-commerce cart get as many images uploaded as you can of each product. Show close ups of any special detailing or funky wee features your product may have.

    8 ) Let them get to know the product

    How many times have you looked at a product online and not been well enough informed to buy? Input as much data as you can about each product to really inform the buyer. If they are encouraged by the lovely array of images you have uploaded (from point 6) then they will want to know mas many facts as they can before purchasing.

    9) Keep it professional

    A well designed, professional website will give your customers a high degree of trust in your website. In a recent e-commerce survey we carried out, a huge percentage of respondents cited an unprofessional design as a major factor in them deciding not to progress with a purchase.

    10) Get your products out there with Googlebase

    Set up a Googlebase account and stick in a feed of your products. This gets your products ‘out there’ and puts them in the results in Froogle. It’s not in lieu of an SEO campaign but it does get your products a little exposure.


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    This is true basically the thing is its awareness that we should definitely have so we have an idea that how to buy something that is necessary,Whether about kids or ladies accessories knowing how the basics work helps for sure,Good article

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    You have shared worth information. And most important, test the waters by selling your items on a small scale initially, like offer a discount coupon or free gift if they answer a brief survey, experiment with different prices.

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    I agree on it most of the times these are the things when its about our needs ad how something works on us,Right now you can move ahead with doing better and through learning from this sort of sources i am sure all can be well with it.


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