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Tips to sell products/services online!

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    High street shops have been having a tough time of it recently with lots of chains going to the wall. On the online side of things however sales have increased again this year. As shoppers have become more comfortable with buying online and ecommerce shops more sophisticated it has become a very handy way to buy.

    If you are thinking about setting up a shop but need some help in figuring out how to sell online and how to do it well then this post should give you lots to think about and plenty of work to do. Selling online makes sense as a way to start a business as the barrier to entry is much lower than renting a shop front and buying in a lot of stock. While it can be easy to start selling online there is a huge amount of work that needs to be done if you are going to be successful at it.

    What you first of all need to accept is that in most niches you will not be the first so there will be competition that is potentially better funded and more knowledgeable in how to sell online. Here are seven ecommerce advice tips to give you the best possible chance of competing. Why seven? Well either I ran out of tips or its just a very lucky number. Ill let you decide.

    1.Keyword research

    If you are looking to start a business it is advised that you find out how big your market is and what the strength of the competition is. Getting that information can take a lot of work but you can use Googles keyword amount tool to give you a quick indication of keyword search amounts and competition levels before you take your master plan any further. Quick tip. Make sure you only select Exact match type. It will still be useful to do a full analysis of the market you want to break into but by looking at keywords at the start you can make more educated decisions about what to sell. Its a great tool to identify if you are wasting your time selling something nobody wants. If you take only one bit of ecommerce advice with you it should be this.

    2.Get online early

    If you have an idea and you are serious about wanting to sell online get yourself a holding page up as soon as possible. Ask us for a quick quote. Google is all about trust and they dont trust new kids on the block. Get a holding page online with lots of content and get included in relevant business / shopping directories and start up your social media accounts. That way when you are ready to launch your shop to the world your site wont be a total stranger to Google.

    Also, bare in mind that exact match keyword domain names can be very powerful for ranking in Google. e.g. would rank well for the keyword my new shop. Your keyword research will help you spot opportunities.

    3.Original text

    Add lots of original text to every product in your shop. It is common for shop owners to just copy and paste the promotional text that comes with their products. If you do this you have just made your product pages very similar to every other site that sells those products. You need to show Google that your site has original content worthy of inclusion in its search results. Your customers too will want to see well written text to explain the product in detail. This may seem obvious but its surprising how much copying and pasting goes on. Writing your own scintillating copy for a hundred products may take a lot of time but its worth it.

    4.Professional photos

    This is another obvious point but again you would be surprised at the amount of unsuitable photos used on ecommerce sites. From images that are too small to give a good impression of the photo to not enough photos to just plain unprofessional photos. This isnt ebay. Either invest in professional photos or learn to do it yourself. Remember that when selling online a picture could be a thousand sales!

    5.SEO friendly cart

    When choosing a shopping cart system there is a lot to consider. Does the cart have SEO friendly URLs, Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and H1 headers separate from titles? Does the cart pump out lots of on page code that interferes with Googles crawlers? Does the cart produce multiple URLs for each product page? Ask these questions at the start or you could have a mess to deal with later on. If you are selling online SEO is a must. You can get traffic from PPC but thats expensive. A cart set up for SEO will save and make you money.

    6.Google Shopping

    Google has a shopping section that allows you to upload a feed of your products for free. Ill say that another way. You can get your products into the most popular search engine in the world for free. If you only have a few products you can do this manually by creating either a CSV or XML list of your products which adheres to the Google Merchant centre specifications. If you have hundreds of products then you are going to need a shopping cart that produces a Merchant Centre ready feed. Most modern carts will have that feature but check just in case.


    When selling online trust is a big deal. You need Google to trust your site so that it is happy to send you traffic and you need your customers to trust your site so that they are prepared to spend money with you. You can get Google to trust your site through longevity, signing up to the appropriate sites to show that you are a real business and by developing a link profile that shows your site to be popular.

    Getting your customers to trust you is crucial. To spend money online customers need to have faith that the payment process is secure, that the product is as described and that delivery will be efficient. The catch is that you have to get these things across to customers extremely quickly. If your design isnt up to scratch it can make visitors hit the back button fast. Good design can go a long way to making your customer trust you instantly. Your domain name can also go some way to help Google and your customers trust you. may have the right keywords in it but hyphenated domain names dont look or sound as good. It makes you look like youre joining the online party late and can come across as spammy.

    If you would like more ecommerce advice or youve got any questions about selling online drop us an email and wed be glad to help you.


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    Makes sense these are the things that can actually work with this all i mean for selling your product its important to have it in mind that the arrangement should in a good way the way its necessary and what you have posted makes sense whether its about buying grocery or ladies accessories it works in everything.

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    Some Tips to sell products and services online.This is the best way :
    Make attractive E commerce website for user.
    1>Offer a free trial.
    2>Include a video.
    3>Use third-party reviews .
    4>Sell in multiple locations.
    5>Product detail specify clearly.
    6>Promote on social media.
    7>simple shopping cart system.
    8>Post coupon and deal for customer.
    9>Post Blog Related to your product.
    10>Use advertising thought PPC or SEO .

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    These are sense making ones,What does matter is how you grow in a certain way i mean when you start bothering how fairly all can move ahead that is the way for improving things and at the same time get to learn how appropriately it all goes ahead.Because its fine enough we get to see and learn the growth chart which moves ahead perfectly.

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    Sensible tips! Especially the free trial actually works out well as customers always wanna try before they buy. When browsing I came across a site that provides free demo of the module that walks us through the process. Will this be helpful? Suggestions please...


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